Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sherlock Holmes (2009 - 2010)

I saw it last night and still even though it is older in its days on the big screen their were still a bunch of people there. As you must know if you have read my older posts i have been wanting to see it forever, and i thought that i wouldn't get to see it in the cinema. I am so glad i did! Sherlock Holmes was Epicly Wicked!!!!!!!!!! It was a great film, i loved it entirely!! So brilliant. The way it is made is a bit different than how the books would be (are) it is more up to date in a sense of keeping the attention of some people, but it was really wonderfully made!! The films look is great, the acting was SO good. Sherlock was just brilliant! Dr. Watson was one of my favorites! and it was just great!! The story was very interesting and mysterious, love love it! And i hope those who have seen it liked it also! Wouldn't mind seeing it again.
Recommendations: Its not really for the younger age, for some visual affects and i don't think most would enjoy it. But i think if you have liked Sherlock in the past you will love him in this film. And i think just try it and see how you feel about it later.
Thanks BOstan~

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Title: Pretties (book 2)
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Pages: 370
YA Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Basic Rating: 4/5

Story line: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Cover: 3/5

Recommendation: For readers who like good books that are full of adventure and mystery. Also for readers who like YA Science Fiction Fantasy.

My Thoughts: I loved it! All i can really say is Wow! It is a really good book, i loved both the YA and science fantasy in it. Great Combo! It is a really good second book not at all a let down, it is mostly like a second part though, meaning it really isn't a sequel but just another part to the epic story. It is a great series and i can't wait to buy and read the next book in the series, Specials. I loved the characters, they were strong and made you feel emotion. Either you hated them (in a good way, meaning they were so good that you felt a dislike for them that you should.) or you really liked them. I really liked and loved Tally, she is again a great character. And she was still the same person, and i liked that. She did grow, i didn't always like her decisions, and thinking's, but she was strong and growing into herself and her choices. I really liked Zane, he is a very cool new character. He was not what i expected, and i loved him for that. Shay made me stire up emotions both hot and cold. (which one is good i don't know but she did) And David, god i still love him! Didn't see him for a while, but i still adore and love him. I can't wait to see what happens next. . . i really enjoyed the story line. It was surprising to see where it took me and i loved the adventure. Although i was not in love with the ending it was great for the book. And a great opening for the next one. . . Cliff hanger! (got use to that by watching Lost) But now i am very excited. . . and can't wait to read the next part to the series.

Plot: Tally just became pretty, and it is the best life ever! Great looks, great friends, great clothes, great everything! And you can have anything you want and ask for, who could not want to be pretty? But their seems to be always something haunting her, she seems to be different than most pretties, but why? And it also seems to be harder for her to be bubbly once she has the unexpected visit from an unwanted old past. The news seems to be right on schedule, and everything she remembers and think to be right and true is shaken and flipped upside down. What is a pretty girl to do? But is struggling to stay bubbly and finding the answerer's of her fuzzy past worth all the effort and trouble? Is it worth risking everything? Isn't it much easier to stay pretty and pretty minded? Tally must choose between a life of ease and perfection or a choice of freedom and truth. Bust she must choose quickly because specials are always not so far behind.


Reminder for Emma lovers!

ITs Saturday so for some its tonight and for others its tomorrow. Don't miss it!
On PBS Masterpiece Classic hosted by Laura Linney. Check your local listings for exact timing.
Emma Part 2 = 60 minuets.
January 30 or 31, 2010
Don't Miss it!


Open Book: Pretties 2

Open Book: Painting a smile with many words. I thought this quote was so cute, i really liked it. So cute!

Title: Pretties
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Page: 358-359
"Maybe human beings are programmed . . . to help one another, even to fall in love. But just because it's human nature doesn't make it bad, Tally. Besides, we had a whole city of pretties to choose from, and we chose each other."

Love it!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yet To Read: The Corinthian

Yet To Read: This week i had a hard time picking out a book that i really want to read to put on my list. But i finally picked it out and i really think this book sound good. (The plot description is from
Check it out!!

Title: The Corinthian
Author: Georgette Heyer
Pages: 272
English Lit.
Plot: Walking home at dawn, quite drunk, Sir Richard Wyndham encounters heiress Penelope Creed climbing out her window. She is running away from a dreaded marriage to her fish-lipped cousin, while Sir Richard himself is contemplating a loveless marriage with a woman his friends have compared to a cold poultice. Sir Richard can't allow her to careen about the countryside unchaperoned, even in the guise of a boy, so he pretends to be her tutor and takes her on a fine adventure. When their stagecoach overturns, they find themselves embroiled with thieves, at the center of a murder investigation, and finally finding out what they both really want.

Why? Well it just really interested me. She has written so so many books and not all really interest me but a lot do and this one just sounded like something i would like to read and get into, a light English literature romantic comedy.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Addition! ! ! !

Finally, my sister gave birth yesterday!!! Now i have my first niece!!! I am so excited, i can't wait till they come home. It is so exciting, to have a niece!! It really is a new addition!!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Next Time Emma Pt 2

Next Week: Check your local listings - PBS Masterpiece Classic. Hosted by Laura Linney
Emma Part 2 on Sunday (or Saturday)
Part 2 = 60 min.
Don't miss it!!! If any questions go to the website!

Emma Part 1~On PBS

What an amazing film. I really enjoyed watching it again. The actors really did a wonderful job, i very much loved the scenery, and the script was written so good, so brilliant and funny. I loved the setting and it is just a wonderful film. I can't wait to watch the next part next week....
Sincerely Bostan~

Open Book: Pretties

Open Book: Painting a smile with words. I really liked this quote, it is very true and worded in a more familiar and natural way that i liked.

Title: Pretties
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Page: 254
"Nature was tough, it could be dangerous, but unlike Dr. Cable or Shay or Peris - Unlike people in general - it made sense. The problems it threw at you could be solved rationally. Get cold, build a fire. Need to get somewhere, walk there."


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Emma Reminder

Don't miss your turn to watch PBS's premiere of Emma. Playing tomorrow, check your local listings. but if you are interested and miss it you can catch it on the website and watch it there.
Emma Part 1 = 120 minuets on Sunday the 24th of January.

The very Excited BOstan~
Hey and i passed my 300th post!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet To Read: Gone

Yet to read: is about a book every week that i haven't read yet but really really want to. And is definitely on my to read list. The book description is from

Title: Gone

Author: Michael Grant

Pages: 576

Young Adult, Science Fantisy Fiction

Summary: It’s a scenario that every kid has dreamed about: adults suddenly disappear, and kids have free reign. In this case, though, it’s everyone 14 and older who disappears, and the harsh reality of such unreal circumstances isn’t a joyride after all. A girl driving with her grandfather plunges into a horrific car wreck; gas burners left on ignite a home with a young child trapped inside; food and medical supplies dwindle; and malicious youths take over as the remaining children attempt to set up some form of workable society. Even stranger than the disappearance of much of humanity, though, are the bizarre, sometimes terrifying powers that some of the kids are developing, not to mention the rapidly mutating animals or the impenetrable wall 20 miles in diameter that encircles them, and people disappear as soon as they turn 14.

Why? well to me it sounds very interesting. I like the whole Young adult theme and Science fiction together. I really want to see how it will go.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Next Week

Very Excited! Next week Sunday ( Jan. 24th) starts the episodes of Emma on Masterpiece Classics PBS. (check your local listings) This week as it is Monday will start Emma Part 1 and that is 120 minuets long. I can't wait! Well catch it if you can. *(hey and off subject i am so close to having 300 posts!!!!)

Cranford part 2

Last night i watched the last episode of Return to Cranford. It was very good, i really enjoyed it and loved it. The actors and actresses did a wonderful job and kept me on my toes. I normally wouldn't say this but i think Gaskell would be proud. (normally i don't say it because i don't know exactly what they would think, especially sometimes when people say it i don't think the author would be very happy that their beloved piece was mutated some how) But the whole story was great! i won't give anything away so you will just have to watch it if you haven't just yet. (you can watch it online starting today until Feb. 16)

Sincerely BOStan~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cranford Reminder 2

Reminder Reminder! Tomorrow for some people is Return to Cranford Part 2. Catch it!! Check your local listings! Its the last part, so don't miss it.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disaster in Haiti

I am so sad that their was so much destruction over there, i really hope and pray that things get better. I was watching the news and so many people died, so many building are ruble now, and it is just really bad. My heart goes out to them. My family knows of a girl who lives there and i just hope she is OK. It is so bad, but i do hope that no big after shocks hit them or anywhere else. That would really make things worse.

Sincerely BOstan

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Covers *

Ello!!! Last night i made two new Book Covers, i really enjoyed making them. Their not as dark but more lighter covers. I really like the first one! Thought the picture was great! Its hard to find good pictures for book covers. I really like coming up with the name and title, this would be a really cool job for sure.
Thanks BOstan

I could picture this as a Coming of age young adult novel.

I was going for the note book look!

Yet To Read: The Carbon Diaries 2015

Yet To Read: is about a book i haven't read before but defiantly want to. The Plot description is from
I found this book a few days ago and it looked interesting, personally i don't go out looking for diaries to read but this one looked good.

Title: The Carbon Diaries 2015
Author: Saci Lloyd
Pages: 330
Plot: Laura Brown, a 16-year-old Londoner and punk rocker, documents a year in the very near future, 2015, in diary form. She refers to recent massive storms brought on by climate change that have ravaged the planet and led Britain to be the first country to try “carbon rationing.” Each person is allotted a prohibitively small measure of carbon points to be used each month, essentially obsoleting such luxuries as air travel or even heating one’s home. Laura navigates the increasingly punishing circumstances with a perfectly intoned half-bitter, half-astonished teenager’s voice, complete with strains of near-future slang, and punctuates her diary with newspaper clippings and other taped-in bits of cultural detritus. As she weathers staggering uncertainty, kill-me-now family crises, and a timelessly confusing dating scene, she finds a release valve in music and her mates.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfect You

Title: Perfect You
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Pages: 282

Basic Rating:3/5

Plot: 3/5 and sometimes a 2/5

Characters: 3/5

Cover: 3/5

My Recommendation: For readers who like to read Teenage dramas and coming of age books.

My Thoughts: I liked it! It was really easy to get into and the whole book was easy to read and get. Though during more of the middle of the book the fact of the main character, Kate's, problems sort of took control of the book and made me not as into reading it as before and also the dynamic and relationship between her and Will made me not as interested in the story line, but it did pick up again and then it was as addictive as ever. I liked it because when it came down to it, it wasn't only about a boy, it was about the characters changing and their problems and i really liked that. It was sad too, but not in the sort of way you would have thought it to be. I can understand what Kate is going through with her ending friendship. And it pretty much summed up really a lot of what you feel. Elizabeth Scott has great writing skills and i so want to read her other books. The characters were very good and they felt so real. I also loved the ending, it was the perfect ending even though i personally would have changed it a little. I am very happy with the book!

Plot: Kate's life is quickly going down the gutter. First her father is ruining her life, he quite his good job to sell stupid perfect you vitamins and is forcing her to work embarrassingly beside him. Her best friend quickly became her x-best friend in one summer, and she had no idea why that is. Anna became popular and has thrown Kate away with the trash. And Will, the most attainable annoying guy in school starts to show interest in her and Kate hates herself for thinking she might like him and he might like her. Because the reason he is so attainable makes him unattainable, and she's sure that she would only be his fling until he finds someone else. Its hard hurting, but nothing seems to get any better. So she finds that the only way to maybe get any better is to just forget about everyone else. But that's not so easy after all, because the only real way for things to even get better is to realize that things are never perfect, but you just have to live your life and get through it till things get better and good things happen.

Thanks BOStan~

Next Sunday - 17

I loved Part 1 it was brilliant in all forms. I really wanted to cry and i laugh my head off sometimes. Those women are great!!!! The women of Cranford!
Well I can't wait for part 2 on PBS, Sunday 17th.
Catch it!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Open Book: Pefect You

Open Book: Painting a smile with a great many words. I really liked this quote, and i am glad i found a good quote from this book, i feel happy now that i did. I also think it says every thing for itself, so i will let it speak for itself. -

Title: Perfect You
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Page: 282
"But things change. Stuff happens. And you know what? Life goes on. In fact, that's what life is."



Ok well i have found some movies that looks sort of good, here's some stuff about them. I am a huge movie lover always looking for new movies to watch.

Title: Kick-Ass


Rating: ?
(Mark Strong

Frank D'Amico

Plot: Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan with a few friends and who lives alone with his father. His life is not very difficult and his personal trials not that overwhelming. However, one day he makes the simple decision to become a super-hero even though he has no powers or training

Title: Nowhere Boy
Rating: ?
Aaron Johnson
Thomas Sangster
Kristin Scott Thomas
Anne-Marie Duff
Plot: A chronicle of John Lennon's childhood.

Title: When in Rome
Rating: pg-13
Kristen Bell
Josh Duhamel
Anjelica Huston
Will Arnett
Jon Heder
Dax Shepard
Plot: Beth (Bell) is a young, ambitious New Yorker who is completely unlucky in love. However, on a whirlwind trip to Rome, she impulsively steals some coins from a reputed fountain of love, and is then aggressively pursued by a band of suitors



Catch Return to Cranford - Sunday 10 January 2010. (Check your local listings) PBS

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Book of Luke

Title: The Book of Luke
Author: Jenny O'Connell
Pages: 291

Basic Rating: 2/5 and a half

Plot: 2/5

Characters: 2/5 and a half

Cover: 3/5

My Recommendation: For those who like reading Young Adult books with a spin of MTV spice into the mix.

My Thoughts: At first was really into this book, i really liked the story line and where the story was going, but by the end of the middle and end i sort of grew disappointed with it. It was still a bit addictive because i wanted to see what was going to happen next, but i thought the storyline would be different. I still like the characters, they are basically real people, though i wasn't into the swearing. It didn't have a heavy amount, but still i thought it was mostly unnecessarily. And some parts were not necessary either. One thing that i didn't like after a while was how hypocritical Emily (the main character) was, i thought she would also be different, she just wasn't progressing in the right direction. I do think we all are hypocritical but that was too much.

Even though it wasn't my favorite it was good. An OK read for me i think, nothing i really would go out and look for, but it was OK. And i give it 2/5 and a half because there were good parts in it that i enjoyed. I really was satisfied and happy with the ending, i am grateful for that.

Plot: Emily is so sick of being the nice girl and as a result of being that "nice girl" everything possibly bad has happened to her. She found out that her family is moving - not just to a strange new location, but to her old neighbourhood where everyone has remembered her to be the nice girl. Her boyfriend dumped her on moving day, her father decides to stay back from moving to Boston even though they are only moving for him, and her college of choice might be rejecting her. What has being nice ever done for her? Nothing.
At least her two best friends have taken her back and still love her. When finding something to do for the senior time capsule, she comes up with something not so nice She and her friends start to create a self help guide for the male species to become better people and better boyfriends.
But that's not all, to make sure the guide really works they decide to try it on the one unsuspecting biggest jerk of them all, Luke Preston. The guy who just broke up with her best friend by email, and also the guy she would never had thought would change so much since she was gone. The test subject might turn out to be harder to turn than she first thought, and she had a petty good idea that it would be a hard thing. And maybe Emil has to learn a few things about life, love, and herself.


Open Book: Luke #3

Open book: Painting a smile with words. I really liked this quote cause it was i think perfectly said. I just really agree with it! It doesn't have to be about being with someone romantically but with someone as a friend or even in your family.

Title: The Book of Luke
Author: Jenny O'Connell
Page: 290
"Maybe, in the end, its not about changing the person you care about. Maybe its about learning what you can live with. Or maybe it's really about learning what you can't live without."


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reading Wish List of 2010

OK so i have put together a list of 23 books to at least try to read this year. I might read some, i might not read others, or i might read other books not on the list, but i do intend to try. These books have made me interested and i can't wait to start my list. This year i want to at least try to read 4 to 5 books a month. Though i don't want to get a head of myself, its a dream and idea if nothing else.
Well here is my list: Book names and authors below

  1. Perfect you, Elizabeth Scott
  2. Pretties, Scott Westerfeld
  3. Curse of the Blue Tattoo, L.A Meyer
  4. Angus, Thongs and full- frontal snogging, Louise Rennison
  5. Ahab's Wife, Sena Jeter Naslund
  6. Through the looking glass, Lewis Carroll
  7. Wake, Lisa McMann
  8. The Stones of Mourning Creek, Diane Les Becquets
  9. Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens
  10. Eragon, Christopher Paolini
  11. Sanditon, Jane Austen and Another Lady
  12. Island of the Blue Dolphin, Scott O'Dell
  13. Inkheart, Cornelia Funke
  14. I'd Tell you i loved you, but then I'd have to kill you, Ally Carter
  15. Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm, Christopher Cooper
  16. Doctor Who: The Taking of Chelsea 426, David Llewellyn
  17. Primeval: Fire and Water, Simon Guerrier
  18. The Watson's and Emma Watson, Jane Austen and Joan Aiken
  19. Lock and Key, Sarah Dessen
  20. Gone, Michael Grant
  21. Something, Maybe, - Elizabeth Scott
  22. Such a pretty girl, Laura Wiess
  23. Shelter Me, Alex Mcaulay


Open Book : Luke #2

Open Book: Painting a smile with words! my favorite thing!
I don't know i just thought this thought/quote was goofy funny and very understandable. I agree with it whole heartily! I do...

Title: The Book of Luke
Author: Jenny O'Connell
Page: 180
"The Guy's Guide Tip # 46
People can have nicknames. Body parts should not."


Yet To Read: Something, Maybe

Yet to Read!!! I have been waiting to read this book for a while now, it is definitely on my 2010 reading list. Can't wait
The Plot description is from -
Title: Something, Maybe
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Pages: 224
Plot: Hannah Jackson James tries not to live in her parents' dubious shadow. Her father is an aging reality TV star with a Hugh Hefner-esque castle full of girlfriends. Her mother, a minor actress and former girlfriend of Jackson's, now makes her money hosting a webcam show in skimpy underwear. When Hannah moved with her mom to a small town at age 12, she tried her hardest to blend in. Five years later, her concerns include staying unnoticed at school, making sure her mom can pay the bills, and deciding how to approach the object of her affection, a fellow student named Josh who works next to Hannah at the drive-through call center for a fast-food chain. Then her father calls for the first time in five years to invite her to visit him in New York. Hannah is torn between her desire for his love and her suspicion that the gesture is nothing more than a cynical ratings ploy.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Open Book: The Book of Luke

Open Book: Painting a smile with many words. By reading this book i have come to think about a lot of irritating habits boys come to have. So i like these quotes because i think they are the ugly truth.

Title: The Book of Luke
Author: Jenny O'Connell
Page: 64
"The Guy's Guide Tip # 14
Do not blame my tone of voice, my lack of patience, or my bad mood on PMS. It's not my period that's the problem. More likely, it's you."
Page: 66
"How they can remember every single word to a movie that's twelve years old, but can't even remember what we told them fifteen minutes ago."

Monday, January 4, 2010

Masterpiece Classic~

For those who watch Masterpiece on PBS. This year looks great!! Hosted by wonderful Laura Linney.
Cranford just played and now for Jan. 10-17 Return to Cranford will play finally. Check your local listing for your exact date and time.
Return To Cranford -
The construction of a brand new railroad line is at once thrilling and threatening to the residents of Cranford. This two-part sequel stars Judi Dench, Imelda Staunton, and Julia McKenzie. New faces include Jonathan Pryce (Pirates of the caribbean), Tom Hiddleston (Wallander), and Tim Curry (Spamalot).
Jan. 10 - Return to Cranford, Part 1 (90 min)
Jan. 17 - Return to Cranford, Part 2 (90 min.)
and the link to Masterpiece/PBS is

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New New Books. they keep on coming

I'm on a role, new books new books. Its my book faze, though i don't think its gonna last very much longer. Well i am just gonna enjoy it while i can. I am excited for these, the first i really am and the second i am still excited to read a bunch of classics but mainly my mom wanted me to read it for school. Anyway here they are!

Author: Scott Westerfeld
Pages: 370
Syfy, fantasy, YA
Plot: Tally has finally become pretty. Now her looks are beyond perfect, her clothes are awesome, her boyfriend is totally hot, and she's completely popular. It's everything she's ever wanted.
But beneath all the fun - the nonestop parties, the high-tech luxury, the total freedom - is a nagging sense that some thing's wrong. Something important. Then a message from Tally's ugly past arrives. Reading it, Tally remembers what's wrong with pretty life, and the fun stops.
Now she has to choose between fighting to forget what she knows and fighting for her life - because the authorities don't intend to let anyone with this information survive.

Title: The Complete short stories of Ernest Hemingway
Author: Ernest Hemingway
Pages: 650
American Lit.

Boy Crazy

Title: Boy Crazy
Author: Hailey Abbott
Pages: 228

Basic Rating: 2/5
Story: 2/5
Characters: 3/5
Cover: 3/5
My Recommendation: For those who like light reads and a book full of boy craziness

My Thoughts: My rating for Boy Crazy is a 2/5. It was good, the characters were cool, made sense, and were created well, and for the most part i liked reading the book. The dialogue language was up to date and i loved how Hailey Abbott really described and really knew the city she wrote about. Her words to describe things was wonderful and made me feel like i was there too. It was a good summer beach swim read, lighter, but still with some dilemmas that the characters had. Though for myself personally it wasn't really my sort of book. Their wasn't enough conflict and friction with the lead guy and lead girl for my taste, but it wasn't a bad read. It didn't make me want to read more or sad to leave the characters like i normally feel after a book ends. I thought it needed something more to make me extremely happy with it, though i really liked the ending, i thought it was perfect.

Plot: LA girl Cassie is having fun and enjoying her summer back home, working at her perfect job at Catalina and hanging out with her two best friends for the first time in a long time. Before things always prevented them to spend very much time with each other, and she really missed their time together. Though both Cassie and one of her best friends Keagan have failed in the business of love and both have gotten there hearts broken. So in order to leave all past heartbreaks behind the three girls make a pact. A special promise to all kiss 10 different guys over the summer. Their plan is to date like a guy and to just have a fun- commitment- less summer. But things turn to be more and more complicated, starting when Cassie's number one turns out to be the perfect guy for her.

Its not easy to fall for the enemy. . .


Friday, January 1, 2010

I Can't Believe It!!

Wow!! It feels so new and yet again so old. I am a little sad that 2009 is over but i suppose everything has to come to an end. I just wonder whats going to happen this year.

Still can't believe it~BOstan