Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Book of Luke

Title: The Book of Luke
Author: Jenny O'Connell
Pages: 291

Basic Rating: 2/5 and a half

Plot: 2/5

Characters: 2/5 and a half

Cover: 3/5

My Recommendation: For those who like reading Young Adult books with a spin of MTV spice into the mix.

My Thoughts: At first was really into this book, i really liked the story line and where the story was going, but by the end of the middle and end i sort of grew disappointed with it. It was still a bit addictive because i wanted to see what was going to happen next, but i thought the storyline would be different. I still like the characters, they are basically real people, though i wasn't into the swearing. It didn't have a heavy amount, but still i thought it was mostly unnecessarily. And some parts were not necessary either. One thing that i didn't like after a while was how hypocritical Emily (the main character) was, i thought she would also be different, she just wasn't progressing in the right direction. I do think we all are hypocritical but that was too much.

Even though it wasn't my favorite it was good. An OK read for me i think, nothing i really would go out and look for, but it was OK. And i give it 2/5 and a half because there were good parts in it that i enjoyed. I really was satisfied and happy with the ending, i am grateful for that.

Plot: Emily is so sick of being the nice girl and as a result of being that "nice girl" everything possibly bad has happened to her. She found out that her family is moving - not just to a strange new location, but to her old neighbourhood where everyone has remembered her to be the nice girl. Her boyfriend dumped her on moving day, her father decides to stay back from moving to Boston even though they are only moving for him, and her college of choice might be rejecting her. What has being nice ever done for her? Nothing.
At least her two best friends have taken her back and still love her. When finding something to do for the senior time capsule, she comes up with something not so nice She and her friends start to create a self help guide for the male species to become better people and better boyfriends.
But that's not all, to make sure the guide really works they decide to try it on the one unsuspecting biggest jerk of them all, Luke Preston. The guy who just broke up with her best friend by email, and also the guy she would never had thought would change so much since she was gone. The test subject might turn out to be harder to turn than she first thought, and she had a petty good idea that it would be a hard thing. And maybe Emil has to learn a few things about life, love, and herself.



  1. Yeah... I could see how it could have gotten.... You know... That is why I don't normally read that kind of book... But hey???? to bad...

  2. i have high hopes for Elizabeth scott though, i really hope i like this new book!!!

  3. No that kind of book I like :D But I like that you write reviews of books. that's great to find new ones to read!


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