Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Before reading i apologise, this is one response of the crazy attraction's or repulsive trends of the human nature.

Their is typically different attitudes of each individual that changes when in different surroundings. ( But Goth's are excused from this observation.)

This is just a person's observation of human tendency's.

Basically this is referring to kids, all in account from 18 and under. Even though i think from 13 and up to 18 you should be considered a young adult. But any ways, this nature does not only subject kids ( and young adults, or in better terms, Teens) only, because adults do show forms of attitudes in change. But this observation does only confirm the nature of kids and teens.

When little their are times when we were very loud, cranky, playful, annoying, or shy and quiet. And the way i see it is, these emotions are projected by the people we are with, the more comfortable we are the more easy going and happy we seem to be.

The same is when we are teenagers, we may not let everything hang out all the time like when we were a little kid, but we act differently to situations all the same. And when we don't like something believe me, we'll let it be known some how. The closer we are to people the easier it is to act the most normal, but of course normal might not always be in our family, comfort either.

Then theirs the other family.

Sometimes your close and can show your larger part of your family, your more true colours, but then again not always.

When they start the PINCHING!HUGGING!KISSING! that is the affect of far distance relationships. Some will then ask "What do you mean?" We'll when your aunt's come at you with full speed and force, and they start gushing at how grown you have become, well that is what i mean. If you still don't have a clue of what i am saying, go rent a movie, something with a family reunion in it. Hugging and kissing is ndt bad believe me, it shows love, but when it involves lipstick and pinching, then it's bad. We suck it up and act like nothings wrong and run when we have a chance.

And we deal. How? I really don't know.

To them where always the little creature (Hate that term) no matter how old we are. Once we are old enough to be considered an adult their dead. I know that is horrible to say, but what stops you from thinking it.

And theirs those few family friends who, why don't you say it, are part of the family.

then with our friends, who know you very well and still like you. (If not i don't know what to tell you.)

With them you talk differently and about different things, but even they notice that when your around your family or family friends its back to your different not less lovely side.

The Good Act. (See we even have a name for it.) The Good Act, doesn't have to be an act, sometimes your really good, but even so theirs always stuff you wouldn't consider discussing in front of them.

Hear this we even have a new voice to go with that different side, not used in front of the folks, but by strangers or known strangers.

Can you believe it, try as you might to get rid of it, by throwing it out the window or YANKING! it out of your soon to be sore throat, you do it unconsciously. The dialect is a code, like kissing up is to adults, it provides a new alias, and it can promote us either up or down.

Those are some of our innocent (mostly) ways. It comes with the territory and we adapt.