Thursday, January 1, 2009

These are pictures i uploaded for a friend.
This picture is at a beach, in Hawaii, 49 Black sands beach,
at the Mauna Lani.

My English Locket. :)

A house down by the golf course.

Reading List For 2009. (Not in order)

This year i want to read as many books as possible.

1. "Little Dorrit" Written by, Charles Dickens

2. "Nicholas Nickleby" Written by, Charles Dickens

3. "David Copperfield" Written by, Charles Dickens

4. "Model Spy (The specialists)" Written by, Shannon Greenland

5. "The Blurred Man" Written by, Anthony Horowitz

6. "I know what you did last Wednesday" by, Anthony Horowitz

7. " The French Confection" By, Anthony Horowitz

8. "A room with a view" By, E.M Forster

9. "Cecilia" By, Fanny Burney

These are only some books that i plan to read this year.