Saturday, December 26, 2009


I can put Avatar in one word, Amazing. Me and My family went to see it yesterday and i could not believe how much i loved it. I really did want to see it since i first saw the trailer a while ago but i didn't expect it to really blow me away. The Picture is so clear and the HD is so cool and wonderful. The movie is a big deal, its going to be one of those forever classics. The movie is on the longer side but as i heard said before you didn't realize the length of it, it really did just fly away. I haven't heard anything bad yet about it and i won't say anything bad about it today. I really loved it, and i think its for everyone to see, it has action, adventure, and a little romance "sprinkled" into it.
Thanks BOstan~

Random Trailers

I just felt like putting a fair amount of trailers in this post, there pretty much a lot of just random groups of movies. Some of them i have just seen the trailers for them recently and they looked good. Well here they are-

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