Monday, April 13, 2009

Diamond Brothers Mystery: The Greek Who Stole Christmas, By Anthony Horowitz

'Tis the season....for murder'

Rating: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Story: 3/5

This book is pretty short, and a quick read for me. It took me two days, but that was only because i wanted it to last longer. But like the others in the series i liked it much. It was quick into getting into the story line and Nick is always cracking jokes. I just love his writing i suppose.

It starts off when Nick and his dumb witted older brother are in a slump and are barely making months rent. And as it happens some one has taken it upon himself to risk everything when hiring Tim. When he's involved nothing goes as planed. Jack Hammill the manager of one of the most popular and beautiful singer and movie star out there, Minerva. She has been getting sudden death threats and who better to hire than Tim the village idiot. But no matter what Nick has his back and is determined to keep Minerva safe.


My little Craze.....

H2O: Just Add Water

I have to admit it i like watching H2O: Just Add Water. I like Australia, Mermaids, and the comedy. It comes on Nick and hardly does any more, but i started watching it on the Computer and the seasons went straight by. It is one of my Favorite shows on the Chanel.
Season 3 is being processed, and i am just glad that it isn't going out just right now.


SEASON 1, Episode 2......


On Scifi, Fridays. (Check Local Listings)

"Episode 2"
Plot: After a London Underground Cleaner is killed by an arthropod- type monster, the team investigates an underground time anomaly that leads to the Late Carboniferous period. They soon face giant spiders, and something deadlier.


Primeval is a British Television show that has 3 seasons but just recently they have aired it on Scifi in the U.S.
Basic Plot: The seemingly impossible becomes a terrifying reality as long-extinct creatures rip through human territory. Mean while Scientist Professor Nick Cutter and his research assistant, Stephen Hart, struggle to find answers. Enlisting the help of zoologist Abby Maitland and student palaeontologist Connor Temple, the four work to uncover the secrets of the temporal anomalies. Yet it soon becomes clear that all traditional methods of research are extinct.