Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yet To Read: Something, Maybe

Yet to Read!!! I have been waiting to read this book for a while now, it is definitely on my 2010 reading list. Can't wait
The Plot description is from -
Title: Something, Maybe
Author: Elizabeth Scott
Pages: 224
Plot: Hannah Jackson James tries not to live in her parents' dubious shadow. Her father is an aging reality TV star with a Hugh Hefner-esque castle full of girlfriends. Her mother, a minor actress and former girlfriend of Jackson's, now makes her money hosting a webcam show in skimpy underwear. When Hannah moved with her mom to a small town at age 12, she tried her hardest to blend in. Five years later, her concerns include staying unnoticed at school, making sure her mom can pay the bills, and deciding how to approach the object of her affection, a fellow student named Josh who works next to Hannah at the drive-through call center for a fast-food chain. Then her father calls for the first time in five years to invite her to visit him in New York. Hannah is torn between her desire for his love and her suspicion that the gesture is nothing more than a cynical ratings ploy.



  1. I like how it says, "the object of her affection" funny.

  2. Yeah that is.
    I read the preview and i thought it was starting good, i don't know i might wait till it gets into paperback. Hard covers are costy


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