Thursday, April 23, 2009


I saw this movie a few months ago, but i wanted to write a review on it. This movie is soo good that any one that has not seen it, you must just simply see it. I have heard so many good reviews but only one not so fabulous one. She didn't say she hated it but it wasn't that good to her. Personally i loved it. It had everything a movie should. And it fit my sort of movies that i like, Romance War period movies. It was different and i have not seen any thing like it. The characters worked lovely together and i am very very happy with it.
If you have not seen it, i suggest you see it now!

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

I Just got to see this movie, because my younger sister wanted to see it, which is strange because she really doesn't like this sort of thing. First of all i am not an all time biggest fan of Bond Movies, but they do afford me some pleasure.

I did like it, it was a James Bond Movie, so their were action parts (Hardly a dull moment), Girls, and villains. The story was good and their were funny parts and it was entertaining. But this would only practically be for action fans, or Bond fans. I can't say i didn't think it was good.


BookS In the Mail

Yesterday i just got in the mail these four books, and i am excited to read each and every one.

1) The Ramsay Scallop, By Frances Temple : The Year is 1299. Fourteen-year-old Elenor reluctantly awaits the return of her betrothed--a young man she hardly knows-from the Crusade. Thomas, broken and disillusioned from years of fighting finds the very idea of marriage and lordship overwhelming. So when the village priest sends them on a religious pilgrimage before the marriage, both are relieved. The journey means a postponement of the dreaded nuptials, and a last chance for adventure.

2) Doctor Who: Wetworld, By Mark Michalowski: When the TARDIS makes a disastrous landing in the swamps of the planet Sunday, the Doctor has no choice but to abandon Martha and try to find help. But the tranquility of Sunday's swamps is deceptive, and even the TARDIS can't protect Martha forever. The human pioneers of Sunday have their own dangers to face: homeless and alone, they're starting to see that Sunday's wildlife isn't as harmless as it appears. The Doctor and Martha must fight to ensure that human intelligence doesn't become the greatest danger of all.

3) Primeval: Extinction Event, By Dan Abnett: When an Entelodon goes on the rampage down Oxford Street, causing untold damage and loss of life, Cutter decides a new approach to tackling the anomalies is needed. However, his investigations expose him and the team to a violent encounter with a mysterious Russian scientist and a situation more catastrophic and frightening than they've ever faced before.....
When Cutter, Abby, and Connor disappear without a trace, Lester and Jenny must use every trick in the nook to try to track them down......

4) Robin Hood, By Edith Heal: A story of Robin Hood of Locksley that Miss Heal weaved a plot out of each ballad. And brings us to meet Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Maid Marian, the evil Sheriff, Guy of Gisborne, and more extraordinary characters.

And I got a Movie.
I Can't Wait to See it!

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