Saturday, March 6, 2010

My New Book

Hello Hello! Today i just got a new book!! I'm very happy and excited. For a few months now i had been saving up and looking for this copy, last time i looked the store didn't have it but this time it did. It is a really nice two book "Alice in wonderland" and "Through the looking glass" in one hard cover. With really nice illustrations and everything. I really love it! I already have the first book but i didn't' have the sequel so i can't wait to finally get to read it! Here is the closest picture of the book cover that i could find. Its not exactly the same as the below picture but it is similar. (My copy isn't pink, its more green and the title just says "Alice in wonderland".) Here it is:

Title: Alice in wonder land (Alice in wonderland & Through the looking glass)
Author: Lewis Carroll
Grosset & Dunlap Publishers
Plot: A little girl named Alice finds a mysterious world through a simple rabbit hole that doesn't seem so simple after all.