Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yet To Read: Bloom

YET To Read: is about a book that i haven't read before but so want to. (By the way the plot description is from
Title: Bloom
Author: Elizabeth Scot
Pages: 240
Plot: Lauren, a not-so-popular high school junior who is dating the secretly celibate most popular boy in school. Without warning, Evan, the loner son of her distant father's former live-in girlfriend, returns to town and stirs up confusing emotions for Lauren, who once believed that a popular boyfriend was all she needed to secure happiness. Soon, she invents extra band-practice time as an excuse to avoid her boyfriend, her super-stressed best friend, and her empty house, and spends more time with the decidedly not celibate Evan.
Why? Well at first i wasn't going to look into this book but after reading Perfect You i think i sort of wanted just check it out. And i found it interesting and Elizabeth is a good writer and i think this book will be a good read.