Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yet To Read: Gone

Yet to read: is about a book every week that i haven't read yet but really really want to. And is definitely on my to read list. The book description is from

Title: Gone

Author: Michael Grant

Pages: 576

Young Adult, Science Fantisy Fiction

Summary: It’s a scenario that every kid has dreamed about: adults suddenly disappear, and kids have free reign. In this case, though, it’s everyone 14 and older who disappears, and the harsh reality of such unreal circumstances isn’t a joyride after all. A girl driving with her grandfather plunges into a horrific car wreck; gas burners left on ignite a home with a young child trapped inside; food and medical supplies dwindle; and malicious youths take over as the remaining children attempt to set up some form of workable society. Even stranger than the disappearance of much of humanity, though, are the bizarre, sometimes terrifying powers that some of the kids are developing, not to mention the rapidly mutating animals or the impenetrable wall 20 miles in diameter that encircles them, and people disappear as soon as they turn 14.

Why? well to me it sounds very interesting. I like the whole Young adult theme and Science fiction together. I really want to see how it will go.


  1. I think it sounds cool also!!! By the way I love the song by Scouting For Girls.... Who are they??? Love the songs though!!!!

  2. I really want to read the book!
    Scouting for girls is one of my new favorite bands they are a british band and they are sort of popular in england. and they don't sell their songs on itunes. But glad you like!


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