Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year: 2009

HELLO (Lain),
I just can not believe that it is ( I am going to say it ) the new year already, this year just flew by so fast.
Well Tomorow will be the first of January, i am writing really early.
How is every one doing?
I do hope my reviews are instructive i am planing to do more soon.
As i am very into England and English things my mom just bought me a locket. It is so nice!
It is from England, as i could tell from the package, but also it is an antique. Dating from the 1800. I am so happy!
If you are into Masterpiece- Classic, this year it is totally loaded. This season they are showing a bunch of movies: (Any one)
  1. "Tess of the d'Urbevilles"Written by, Thomas Hardy. Here it is premiering on the 4th of January continuing the following week on the 11th. PBS, for Hawaii, and maybe the rest. It is two parts and for the two Sundays it is 120 minutes each run. I was going to read the book, but i haven't ordered it yet, SPOILERS-( The ending is not the happiest, as it ends with a death.)
  2. "Wuthering Heights" Written by, Emily Bronte. It is coming on in Jan. 18 and 25. It has two parts, on part 1 it is 60 minuets and on 25th it is 90 minuets. I have the movie, but have never read the book.-SPOILERS-(This movie is really dramatic so if you want something happy this would not be the movie for you) '
  3. "Sense and Sensibility" Written by, Jane Austen. It is on Feb. 1 and 8. Each part is on for 90 min. I have seen this movie many times and i love it. The book is also great. You Know Jane Austen's endings. :)
  4. "Oliver Twist" Written by, Charles Dickens. It's on Feb. 15 and 22. 90 minuets for each part. I have not seen or read this book, but i can't wait to do both.
  5. "David Copperfield" Written by Charles Dickens. ( And it is not about the magician.) On March 15 and 22. Part 1 is 90 min. part 2 is 120 min. (This story is of interest to me.)
  6. "Little Dorrit" Written by Charles Dickens. On March 29, Apr. 5, 12, 19, and 26. The first part is on for 120 min. and the other 4 parts are on for 90 min. This movie is on the top of my list. Hope it is good.
  7. "Old Curiosity Shop" Written by, Charles Dickens. On May, 3rd. For 90 min. I have only heard about this movie, and i will be watching.

This year will be great for Masterpiece. Check your local listings, because my dates might only be for Hawaii, PBS stations.

Well, I hope to hear from you (on paper) soon Lain, But don't stress.

And for my few readers check the movies out, and of course the books.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

South by SouthEast, The Diamonds Brothers Mystery's

This is the 3rd book in the series now.

It was a good mystery, but it was not as satisfying as the first book or the second, although it had a stable plot line. I am sorry if this is your favorite book, i mean no harm.

The story starts off again as Nick and Tim are in trouble. Their shabby flat is basically gonna be flat any day now, and for the third time Nick is wondering if it is time to move in with his parents. And suddenly even Tim is awakening to the idea of getting a real job, something that doesn't make him pass out every time he sees blood. Then when a mysterious man crashes into Tim's office/living room he offers Tim cash for his coat. And of course Tim would trade it in, his coat is probably as old as the mold in their walls, and with bigger holes than in the bathroom tiles. When he finally leaves, Nick finds a key from the man's coat, and the same bloke dead in his own phone booth coffin. They go out to return the key, which is to room 605 at London's International Hotel, but that was probably to worst thing they could of done.

Seeing the man hugging the booth Nick realizes that he had been shot, and his last words were only heard by Tim, South by southeast, or was it something about a bee?

Tim and Nick go to the police station which they end up staying in, no one believed them, figure, when they returned the booth had disappeared like a soda that is left in a office fridge.

But did they imagine it? both of them?

So they are on their own this time with less than little help from MI6. To find Charon they must go to Amsterdam, but that doesn't happen until after being put into prison again for waisting police time, then robbing a bank,(Kind of) refusing the law, being forced to jump from a window, chased into a train, meeting a pretty girl and falling for her but with no way to contact her, and then being pushed from a moving and i mean moving train. Falling just seems to be there style.

This book was good, and its different from the two before because the brothers are on their own, without Snape and Boyle on their so called side, being Tim is a criminal in the public eye. And the ending's Fantastic! I didn't expect it.

YOu should read it.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Public Enemy Number Two, The Diamond Brothers Mystery

This book is my favorite so far, out of the first three books that i have read.

When Nick is thrown into prison for minors, things just don't make sense.

He didn't do it and yet again inspector Snape and Boyle are making it very hard for him to even try to live a normal teenage life. Nick's thrown into the same cell as public enemy 1, Johnny Powers. And that's when Inspector Snape makes him an ultimatum, make friends with Johnny and he'll take him out of prison and erase all charges, or spend the rest of his prison time.

His way out is to make the life changing deal, step one, find out who this Fence is. But is becoming Public enemy 2 worth it? Worth Killing yourself?

After many nights in prison, he has to act fast and it's not easy, Johnny is like a walking time bomb, one false move and he's done for.

But, Johnny is normal compared to his mum, Ma Power's must be the most out there parent in the world. Her son might be a bomb, but she's a whole truck load of bombs.

I read this book first, but i would suggest reading the first book to start with,

The Falcon's Malteser.

Public Enemy Number 2, is a must read, so many things create this book, things i thought wouldn't happen, occured. It is rapid and fast past, but characters are easily made out.

Anthony Horowitz, has this talent, this book is a keeper.

Read it i dare you,

Sign your hopeful, not always pleased, critic

The Falcon's Malteser: The Diamond Brothers Mystery

By, Anthony Horowitz

Review Written by, Bostan Natsuko

The Falcon's Malteser starts off with Nick Simple explaining his situation. His parents moved to Australia. Nick snuck away from his parents who were on the plane, they left him safely on the ground of the London Heathrow airport, while on their way to Sidney. Now, Nick (13) is living with his older brother Tim Diamond. (rather Herbert Timothy Simple)

His brother was kicked off the police squad for incompetence and now he is trying, but failing at being a private detective.

Regretting ever staying, Nick is thinking that it is time to pack up and ship himself down under, but then on the same day of a horrible one, a dwarf or the vertically challenged, Johnny Naples accidentally runs into Tim's office/living room.

Then he offers Tim a job, intrusting him with a box and a secret worth over three million pounds. For the job, Tim is paid half in advance. The two brothers start turning their life around with actual food, and clothes. But then again nothing is without conscience, when they are accused of the murder of Mr. Johnny Naples, the vertically challenged and run into old and very angry friends of Tim, Nick understands now that they are already tangled in this mess and something really smells and it's not their house. There are many laughs in this book, and a running adventure that leeps out of the black and white pages .

This book is the first of the series, and like the rest, it is full of action, from the first scene to the last. It kept me guessing and I am still shocked. Nick is no doubt the smarter one of the two brothers, but still even though Tim keeps messing up, he makes a desperate situation funny for many of the readers.



These are My Reviews

I am starting questionably late and i think this change will be more of a fun thing.

I love reading so much, and finally i have found a place where if you want to listen or not i have freedom to express myself. And it is good for my readers because they have a choice, to read on with great joy and encouragement for reading that book you have been pondering over for years, or you could find it not in the least encouraging. I should tell you i don't love tragic endings, and that might affect my choices in books, but there are always is that book which pounces on you and shockingly reveals it is not only ending with a death but begins with one.
Should you know i might breach out into reviewing movies also, we'll have to wait and see. So forgive me, but by your help i might be able to extend myself to the best.
Thank you

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Point Blanc

Well i should start by telling you about the first book.

Stormbreaker is an action adventure book, about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider, who quickly finds out that his uncle who was killed suddenly, was a spy for MI6. (Secret Intelligence Service) At this point his whole life completely turns a different direction.

IN Point Blanc:

This time there is investigations, following two deaths of very important men. They don't seem to be very similar but they have one coincident, both of their sons go to the same academy.

MI6 is following this investigation, and yet again, Alex is their way in. He really doesn't want to do it, even though he's brilliant at it, but then again he did almost die more than once, last time on Mr. Blunt's so called In And Out Assignment.

Alex is to be sent to a boys only prep school, and to make things worse it's for juvenile kids. Changing his whole look, he is only being sent there to make sure nothing is up, but that is when he finds out everything does go wrong.

Alex is sent way out of his comfort zone, when Mrs. Jones drives him into the country to a very wealthy family, where he is remined of the reality of being an orphan.

They try their best, but some how trouble never really disappears, when he finds the country the most boring, he is chased, shot at, and almost trampled down. Before anything else could happen he is sort of saved himself by Mrs. Stellebosch, who works for Dr. Grief the private schools director. They stop in Paris, then fly over to Point Blanc which the academy is positioned at. Dr. Grief is absolutely not Alex's favorite person, but lately no one has been.

Alex can tell now that things are really strange, with only one friend, he has to find the real truth at the bottom of all of these lies.

I really loved this book, and i hope you will too.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Before reading i apologise, this is one response of the crazy attraction's or repulsive trends of the human nature.

Their is typically different attitudes of each individual that changes when in different surroundings. ( But Goth's are excused from this observation.)

This is just a person's observation of human tendency's.

Basically this is referring to kids, all in account from 18 and under. Even though i think from 13 and up to 18 you should be considered a young adult. But any ways, this nature does not only subject kids ( and young adults, or in better terms, Teens) only, because adults do show forms of attitudes in change. But this observation does only confirm the nature of kids and teens.

When little their are times when we were very loud, cranky, playful, annoying, or shy and quiet. And the way i see it is, these emotions are projected by the people we are with, the more comfortable we are the more easy going and happy we seem to be.

The same is when we are teenagers, we may not let everything hang out all the time like when we were a little kid, but we act differently to situations all the same. And when we don't like something believe me, we'll let it be known some how. The closer we are to people the easier it is to act the most normal, but of course normal might not always be in our family, comfort either.

Then theirs the other family.

Sometimes your close and can show your larger part of your family, your more true colours, but then again not always.

When they start the PINCHING!HUGGING!KISSING! that is the affect of far distance relationships. Some will then ask "What do you mean?" We'll when your aunt's come at you with full speed and force, and they start gushing at how grown you have become, well that is what i mean. If you still don't have a clue of what i am saying, go rent a movie, something with a family reunion in it. Hugging and kissing is ndt bad believe me, it shows love, but when it involves lipstick and pinching, then it's bad. We suck it up and act like nothings wrong and run when we have a chance.

And we deal. How? I really don't know.

To them where always the little creature (Hate that term) no matter how old we are. Once we are old enough to be considered an adult their dead. I know that is horrible to say, but what stops you from thinking it.

And theirs those few family friends who, why don't you say it, are part of the family.

then with our friends, who know you very well and still like you. (If not i don't know what to tell you.)

With them you talk differently and about different things, but even they notice that when your around your family or family friends its back to your different not less lovely side.

The Good Act. (See we even have a name for it.) The Good Act, doesn't have to be an act, sometimes your really good, but even so theirs always stuff you wouldn't consider discussing in front of them.

Hear this we even have a new voice to go with that different side, not used in front of the folks, but by strangers or known strangers.

Can you believe it, try as you might to get rid of it, by throwing it out the window or YANKING! it out of your soon to be sore throat, you do it unconsciously. The dialect is a code, like kissing up is to adults, it provides a new alias, and it can promote us either up or down.

Those are some of our innocent (mostly) ways. It comes with the territory and we adapt.

Monday, December 15, 2008


This book is the unfinished work of Jane Austen. She only wrote eleven chapters, while writing this book she got fatally ill and died before her work was completed.
The rest of this book was then later finished by another women.
In my opinion, this story was very well followed by Miss. Jane Austen's plot and her way of writing, being not very easy to do.
The story is in the 1700th century England county side where we are brought into an accident, which tangles the lives of a Miss. Charlotte Heywood.
She accepts the invitation of a couple that her family had helped, to a new beach resort, Sanditon. Their it is where she meets many new people fashionable, vulgar, dysfunctional, and every body else. Right before her eyes a scandal is beginning to be uncovered, she cannot but feel somethings going on.
When she meets Miss. Clara, she is altogether interested, but somehow they never get to be really friends just acquaintances.The other characters make the story up also, like Sir Edward, a very distracting influence and particular over possessive. Lady Denham, who takes in her relative Clara. The Parker's, a dysfunctional family, although they somehow work absolutely, perfectly, and strangely together. Sidney Parker, the biggest charmer, and schemer, to his poor friend who comes off, having many problems and in such a sad case. Charlotte is absolutely thrilled and confused through, her good sense and high propriety, that unwillingly bashes with Sidney's willful ways, Clara comes off as a threat to many, and Charlotte's irritations with many people including Sir Edward, makes this a book of example and of human nature.
Fighting the heart is impossible, but wining once indulged in can be the best insensible reaction possible.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Starters: 2008 Dec.14 Sunday

Its nice to meet all of you. This is my first blog. I pretty much started to catch up with a friend.
Well i shall go explore.