Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu! What Do You Think About It?

I Don't know much about it, but i know that it is dangerous. It is a scary thought though, and is a close threat. For the last couple of days it is almost always on the news and i heard it is a step away from being a pandemic. I think the idea is scary, but all we have to do is to be careful.



I went to see this yesterday night.
Since my older sister is here she took us and i wanted to see this movie but i was out voted for 17 Again. They wanted to see 17, but they wanted to see Obsessed more.
This movie was in my opinion good. It wasn't a killer movie (Which i am glad of) or really really creepy, but it had some parts that made it a good stalker movie and the action parts were cool. I loved Beyonce in it and i liked it.