Sunday, December 28, 2008

Point Blanc

Well i should start by telling you about the first book.

Stormbreaker is an action adventure book, about a 14 year old boy named Alex Rider, who quickly finds out that his uncle who was killed suddenly, was a spy for MI6. (Secret Intelligence Service) At this point his whole life completely turns a different direction.

IN Point Blanc:

This time there is investigations, following two deaths of very important men. They don't seem to be very similar but they have one coincident, both of their sons go to the same academy.

MI6 is following this investigation, and yet again, Alex is their way in. He really doesn't want to do it, even though he's brilliant at it, but then again he did almost die more than once, last time on Mr. Blunt's so called In And Out Assignment.

Alex is to be sent to a boys only prep school, and to make things worse it's for juvenile kids. Changing his whole look, he is only being sent there to make sure nothing is up, but that is when he finds out everything does go wrong.

Alex is sent way out of his comfort zone, when Mrs. Jones drives him into the country to a very wealthy family, where he is remined of the reality of being an orphan.

They try their best, but some how trouble never really disappears, when he finds the country the most boring, he is chased, shot at, and almost trampled down. Before anything else could happen he is sort of saved himself by Mrs. Stellebosch, who works for Dr. Grief the private schools director. They stop in Paris, then fly over to Point Blanc which the academy is positioned at. Dr. Grief is absolutely not Alex's favorite person, but lately no one has been.

Alex can tell now that things are really strange, with only one friend, he has to find the real truth at the bottom of all of these lies.

I really loved this book, and i hope you will too.