Monday, January 26, 2009

Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Rating the book: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Story: 5/5

This is ultimately my favorite book of all times, and i must gush about it. Jane Austen is in my opinion so gifted, she puts her soul into each book. In the book, this period of time, it is very hard to find a suitable husband, and also in a world filled with more of the indecent and inadequate than the valuable and tolerable. But is that really changed now in modern times?

This story is about the Bennet family who are neither rich nor poor, but who exceed the amount of children for there income. With much regret in Mrs. Bennet's eyes she could not give her husband a male heir. And worse their whole estate is to be past to the relation Mr. Collins because of it.
The Bennet's instead had five girls;
Jane the eldest and the most stunning, The favorite of her mother.
Elizabeth and the most vigorous and lively, The favorite of her father.
Mary the most studious.
Kitty the most gullible.
And Lydia who is the most flirtatious and another favorite of her mother, but cares nothing of it.

The story then begins when the new and rich owner of Netherfield comes into town, and everything changes. Mr. Bingley is now under speculation and is the aim of every mother for their daughter in town, including the over sensitive, noisy, but loving mother Mrs. Bennet.

With Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy is brought into country, and at an instance Elizabeth is slighted by him, and the whole family and every one in town hates the ignorant man, but kind Jane who tries to encourage her stubborn sister Elizabeth to be nice. On the other hand Jane falls for Mr. Bingley, the handsome and rich nobleman who is much like herself. This book is full of twists and turns and even if you know the story and you have seen the movies, you should read the book.
Elizabeth, the books heroin finds hatred before love, pride before fault, ignorance before sincerity, and the question that every women is confronted with comes up, Who to marry? This book understands how pride can be obtained to easily and prejudice how you can have it without knowing that you do. It is romantic, but still maintains a degree of comedy, and each character you discover is created with inspiration by no one other than people that you see around you today. Elizabeth Bennet must be the most brightest, interesting, heroin that has ever enchanted the pages of a book and in real life. And in the words of our sincere and honest, but not haughty author, in describing Elizabeth;
"I must confess and i think her as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print, and how i shall be able to tolerate those who do not like her at least, i do not know."
(From Jane Austen's Letters)

That just said it!


Scorpia (5th book in the Alex Rider Adventure)

Anthony Horowitz did a fantastic job like usual-

Alex Rider, Spy,Teenager, Football Player, and a wanna be regular boy. Alex has been lied to his entire life. He hardly knows anything about his dead uncle, and practically nothing about his parents except for that they married young, had him young, died young, and a few odds and ends of bread crumbs making a scratchy path of clues. But it all comes into place and some questions pop up like; Did his father know Yassen? Did his father actually work for Scorpia, the worlds biggest crime business? And is he the son of an assassin? Alex's life is like a puzzle with so many missing pieces that when he finds the open arms of Scorpia, he can finally put his puzzle together. But what will they make him do?

Alex goes on another adventure to find the truth that he once thought he had. Going to Venice for a little vacation, as his last one didn't end so well, he is traveling with practically the only true friend he has. Well what did he expect, missing tons of school and when he did come back to school he also brought tons of cuts and bruises with him. After being in Venice he travels to Napple, and then an island from Venice named Malagosto, to learn the same art that was taught to his father, and maybe to find a piece of him while he is there.
This book is intense and begins the new mystery of Alex's new life!