Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sherlock Holmes (2009 - 2010)

I saw it last night and still even though it is older in its days on the big screen their were still a bunch of people there. As you must know if you have read my older posts i have been wanting to see it forever, and i thought that i wouldn't get to see it in the cinema. I am so glad i did! Sherlock Holmes was Epicly Wicked!!!!!!!!!! It was a great film, i loved it entirely!! So brilliant. The way it is made is a bit different than how the books would be (are) it is more up to date in a sense of keeping the attention of some people, but it was really wonderfully made!! The films look is great, the acting was SO good. Sherlock was just brilliant! Dr. Watson was one of my favorites! and it was just great!! The story was very interesting and mysterious, love love it! And i hope those who have seen it liked it also! Wouldn't mind seeing it again.
Recommendations: Its not really for the younger age, for some visual affects and i don't think most would enjoy it. But i think if you have liked Sherlock in the past you will love him in this film. And i think just try it and see how you feel about it later.
Thanks BOstan~

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