Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year: 2009

HELLO (Lain),
I just can not believe that it is ( I am going to say it ) the new year already, this year just flew by so fast.
Well Tomorow will be the first of January, i am writing really early.
How is every one doing?
I do hope my reviews are instructive i am planing to do more soon.
As i am very into England and English things my mom just bought me a locket. It is so nice!
It is from England, as i could tell from the package, but also it is an antique. Dating from the 1800. I am so happy!
If you are into Masterpiece- Classic, this year it is totally loaded. This season they are showing a bunch of movies: (Any one)
  1. "Tess of the d'Urbevilles"Written by, Thomas Hardy. Here it is premiering on the 4th of January continuing the following week on the 11th. PBS, for Hawaii, and maybe the rest. It is two parts and for the two Sundays it is 120 minutes each run. I was going to read the book, but i haven't ordered it yet, SPOILERS-( The ending is not the happiest, as it ends with a death.)
  2. "Wuthering Heights" Written by, Emily Bronte. It is coming on in Jan. 18 and 25. It has two parts, on part 1 it is 60 minuets and on 25th it is 90 minuets. I have the movie, but have never read the book.-SPOILERS-(This movie is really dramatic so if you want something happy this would not be the movie for you) '
  3. "Sense and Sensibility" Written by, Jane Austen. It is on Feb. 1 and 8. Each part is on for 90 min. I have seen this movie many times and i love it. The book is also great. You Know Jane Austen's endings. :)
  4. "Oliver Twist" Written by, Charles Dickens. It's on Feb. 15 and 22. 90 minuets for each part. I have not seen or read this book, but i can't wait to do both.
  5. "David Copperfield" Written by Charles Dickens. ( And it is not about the magician.) On March 15 and 22. Part 1 is 90 min. part 2 is 120 min. (This story is of interest to me.)
  6. "Little Dorrit" Written by Charles Dickens. On March 29, Apr. 5, 12, 19, and 26. The first part is on for 120 min. and the other 4 parts are on for 90 min. This movie is on the top of my list. Hope it is good.
  7. "Old Curiosity Shop" Written by, Charles Dickens. On May, 3rd. For 90 min. I have only heard about this movie, and i will be watching.

This year will be great for Masterpiece. Check your local listings, because my dates might only be for Hawaii, PBS stations.

Well, I hope to hear from you (on paper) soon Lain, But don't stress.

And for my few readers check the movies out, and of course the books.