Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Room With a View, By E.M Forster

Rating, 4/5
Story, Wonderful
Characters, 4/5
This book was surpassing my expectations and i am very happy with it. It is definitely a keeper. The story is fantastic and the characters wonderful. It is not so comical as some of Jane Austen books nor mysterious as Charles Dickens, but it is like life in general. The detail of Italy makes you feel like your really there and the description of England has you actual feel and smell its country.
The story is taken place fresh in Italy, Florence. It is written in the third person and their are many suspects that may be telling the story, but i don't think we will ever know. We follow the life of the very young and talented but a little distracted and unaffected Lucy Honeychurch. She is on a tour with her not very affectionate cousin, the much older Miss. Charlotte Bartlett. Things go wrong and it leaves Lucy feeling disappointed. During her stay she wittiness a murder and some other unexpected passions.
The rest of the book is back in England and back to real daily life, she is now ready for a new start. But will she let herself endure a new person that is now herself or will she take control?
This book has both murder and romance, duty and passion, and the fight for what is right for yourself.
Check it out, Bostan~