Monday, May 4, 2009

Open Book; Doctor Who: The Last Dodo #2

Open Book:

Doctor Who: The Last Dodo
By: Jacqueline Rayner
"Well we could tell the two suspects what we're up to...' He grinned, already programming the first listed coordinates into his pendant. 'But you know what they say, two's company...'
'And four's two many.' She was copying the figures into her own device. 'Except for the Fab Four...four seasons pizza...'
'The Four Yorkshire men sketch...The Four Just Men...'
'The Four Tops, the Fantastic four...'
'Radio 4, the Four Tenors...'
'That's the Three Tenors!'
'Well, yes it is now, i mean they begged me to join them permanently but i couldn't really spare to time, not with how often i have to save the world... Ready?'