Thursday, October 8, 2009

A new Cover To Share!

This picture i found on the Internet and i really liked how expressive it was and i thought it would be a cool book cover to describe a plot. And i thought pain was a good title. It one of my favorites i think.
I would love to see other book covers!


Nothing to do around here. My first doodle on the top page. This is what i do when their is nothing going on; draw, read, or blog. (or make book covers, its easy but i love it anyway) All are fun! My hand Pic isn't finished though. I was practicing because i really suck at drawing hands. Next how to draw eyes!

Catch Up Yet To Read

Yet To read: Is about a book that i so want to check out and read. Most descriptions for the plots are from Amazon.Com
Title: The Moonstone
Author: Wilkie Collines
Pages: 560

A fabulous yellow diamond becomes the dangerous inheritance of Rachel Verinder. Outside her Yorkshire country house watch the Hindu priests who have waited for many years to reclaim their ancient talisman, looted from the holy city of Somnauth. When the Moonstone disappears the case looks simple, but in mid-Victorian England no one is what they seem and nothing can be taken for granted.
Witnesses, suspects, and detectives each narrate the story in turn. The bemused butler, the love-stricken housemaid, the enigmatic detective Sergeant Cuff, the drug-addicted scientist--each speculate on the mystery as Collins weaves their narratives together.


One of my Favorite Comic Relief Sketches

I just thought this one was so funny, I love it. It makes me Laugh. Catherine Tate is so Brilliant!

A Catherine Tate Scene that makes me laugh (2 min. 42 seconds)