Tuesday, December 30, 2008

South by SouthEast, The Diamonds Brothers Mystery's

This is the 3rd book in the series now.

It was a good mystery, but it was not as satisfying as the first book or the second, although it had a stable plot line. I am sorry if this is your favorite book, i mean no harm.

The story starts off again as Nick and Tim are in trouble. Their shabby flat is basically gonna be flat any day now, and for the third time Nick is wondering if it is time to move in with his parents. And suddenly even Tim is awakening to the idea of getting a real job, something that doesn't make him pass out every time he sees blood. Then when a mysterious man crashes into Tim's office/living room he offers Tim cash for his coat. And of course Tim would trade it in, his coat is probably as old as the mold in their walls, and with bigger holes than in the bathroom tiles. When he finally leaves, Nick finds a key from the man's coat, and the same bloke dead in his own phone booth coffin. They go out to return the key, which is to room 605 at London's International Hotel, but that was probably to worst thing they could of done.

Seeing the man hugging the booth Nick realizes that he had been shot, and his last words were only heard by Tim, South by southeast, or was it something about a bee?

Tim and Nick go to the police station which they end up staying in, no one believed them, figure, when they returned the booth had disappeared like a soda that is left in a office fridge.

But did they imagine it? both of them?

So they are on their own this time with less than little help from MI6. To find Charon they must go to Amsterdam, but that doesn't happen until after being put into prison again for waisting police time, then robbing a bank,(Kind of) refusing the law, being forced to jump from a window, chased into a train, meeting a pretty girl and falling for her but with no way to contact her, and then being pushed from a moving and i mean moving train. Falling just seems to be there style.

This book was good, and its different from the two before because the brothers are on their own, without Snape and Boyle on their so called side, being Tim is a criminal in the public eye. And the ending's Fantastic! I didn't expect it.

YOu should read it.