Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading For A. S. Book Club

Our Next Reading for A. S. Book Club will be: Bloody Jack: Curse of the Blue Tattoo, by L. A Meyer. We will start it on Monday Feb. 22: for more info check the link below.

Plot: After being forced to leave HMS Dolphin and her true love, Jacky Faber is making a new start at the elite Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston. But growing up on the streets of London and fighting pirates never prepared Jacky for her toughest battle yet: learning how to be a fine lady. Everything she does is wrong. Her embroidery is deplorable, her French is atrocious, and her table manners - disgusting! Then there's the small matter of her blue anchor tattoo. . . . . . . . .
Despite her best efforts, Jacky can't seem to stay out of trouble long enough to dedicate herself to being ladylike. But what fun would that be, anyway?


Title: Emma

Author: Jane Austen

English Lit.

Basic Rating: 5/5

Story: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

My Recommendation: I want to recommend it to everyone, it is a brilliant classic and a great story. I love it very much.

My Thoughts: I loved it!! I think i have said that a million times now but i don't mind, this is my second- or is it my third review of the book so far. See how much i love it!! Well lets start here, since Jane Austen is my favorite author i could go on forever but i wont. The story was just brilliant! filled with a great plot! The Story has so much going on but not to the point where it is over welling. I love how it is written she always has a talent to write with many word and such ease. It completely inspires me to do better when i write and i like that sense and am happy to have that aim ahead of me. The Characters as i always go on about are wonderful, so very realistic and alive. They all seem like very old friend and connections. How she never ever forgets about her littlest characters always amazes me. They are completely made and are never flimsy or feebly made. Well some of the many characters i loved are Emma who is very flawed and spoiled but witty, kind, and sensible in all the wrong ways but humble, Mr. Knightley the gentleman with a strong and good character, Mr. Woodhouse an old and worried man but a loving father and is always thinking about others, Mrs. Weston a great friend and companion, Mr. Weston a man of good humor and easy smiles, Frank Churchill a young man taking the likes of his father with a good sense of humor and an aim for a happy time, Jane Fairfax a shy and to herself young woman with a good and kind heart and steady character, and Mrs. Bates - oh i just love her. And those are just some of the great characters of this book!

Plot: Jane Austen's 'Emma' is a comedy that tells the story of Emma Woodhouse, who has her ideals of romance but learns through various people and situations that she is very much misunderstood and clueless.

Your humble critic

Open book: Eragon 2

Open Book: Painting more and more smiles (hopefully) by reading with words. Ha! Well i found these quotes happily. I think when i find a quote i have something to take away when I am finished with the book. Makes me happy i guess, I'm a quote lover. If you love it too, join the club!

Title: Eragon
Author: Christopher Paolini
Pages: 169
Said by: Brom
"The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can't."

Pages: 193
Said by: Jeod
"These books are my friends, my companions. They make me laugh and cry and find meaning in life."


Lost Episode 3

I'm watching Lost this year as i have done every year. Well this season has made me again very confused and excited. I don't know but i think i like being confused. For me last nights episode was interesting, it was mostly about Locke and i suppose we as the watchers got to understand more of him, even if part of him wasn't himself. Is that confusing? well Clair's back, but we didn't get to see her really, so i hope next weeks episode will change that. But for the most part i really enjoyed it, loved the Hawaii scenery and the cliff scene was very cool! I though wonder where that was taken place, because that was really pretty!

Your humble Reviewer~

Yet To Read: The Unwritten Rule

Yet To Read: Is about a book i haven't yet had the pleasure to read yet, and the plot description is from This Wednesday i at once knew what i wanted to put down here.

Title: The Unwritten Rule

Author: Elizabeth Scott

Pages: 224


Released: March 16 2010

Plot: Another sweet and funny coming-of-age novel by the author of bloom; Perfect You; Something, Maybe; and Living Dead Girl.

Why? Well i don't know to much about it but i sort of think the cover is cute and am interested about it because it is written by Elizabeth Scott.