Thursday, July 16, 2009

Robin Hood, By Edith Heal

Title: Robin Hood

Author: Edith Heal

Pages: 626

Basic Rating: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
Cover: 3/5
Robin Hood is a very long book and the chapters are immensely long. And it might have taken a while to get through, but i never got tired of reading it and it was well worth it. The detail in the dialogue and narrating was amazing, it didn't take a rest. And it felt like the author really knew the that special kind of language and it was part of her. The Main characters are just so likable, and they are very much their own person. Not a bunch of people who have been clumped together. Their is a part that i feel wronged and devastated, but that is how it goes. I really loved this tale when i was little and now i love the book. (well one of them) One of the thing that i really liked is how each adventure is like an episode in a show and it all works out good by fitting in with each other and where we last end off. It has so many pieces but then one good motive that sticks it all together. I really loved it, a very good read..
Plot: In England's time of need, when the people's king is away, and cruel Norman royalty schemes to take the throne, a fellow Saxon man takes action to help his people. Robin Hood collects friends in this action to protect the poor from the rich, hence steal from the rich and give to the poor was born. Through the many wonderful and daring adventures of Robin Hood with his legendary Merry men of Sherwood Forest Hope is born once again. Fighting such enemies as the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham, The malevolent Guy of Gisbourne, and the weak minded and cruel Prince John. The Legend of Robin Hood is reborn~
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Open Book: Robin Hood (Last)

Open Book: Painting a smile with words. How things in life fade away, but not always entirely.

Title: Robin Hood
Author: Edith Heal
Page: 619

"Perchance all history turneth into myth," Said the outlaw. "Who knoweth but that Ulysses really hid in the wooden horse at Troy. Perchance the sad and wistful Iseult really sat in a high tower grieving for brave Tristam. Some day the world will sing of Robin Hood, and men will think that thou didst live only in the pages of a book."


Open Book: Cecilia (From a while ago)

Open Book: Painting a smile with words. Cecilia is one of my favorite books and when i read it a while ago i loved this quote. I thought it was so true and well stated. Basically it is what the book is about, the pride and prejudice of the rich and poor.

Title: Cecilia
Author: Fanny Burney
Page: 777

"I often think that the rich would be as much happier for marrying the poor, as the poor for marrying the rich, for then they would take somebody that would try to deserve their kindness, and now they only take those that know they have a right to it."