Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ransom Of Mercy Carther, By Caroline B. Cooney

Rating, 5/5
Story, 4/5
Characters, 4/5
This book is sooo good, i have to tell everyone that it is a book that you must read. It is very well written and a masterpiece.
The story starts off in 1704 Deerfield, Massachusetts and the Indians from Canada have travelled all the way there to destroy, pillage and kidnap . For some mysterious reason they have come to do all those things and many die that night and on the long journey back to Canada.
Mercy Carter is just 11 but has taken care of her family and raised baby's when her stepmama could not. She is torn to pieces when her Deerfield is destroyed and when some family members never make it to see first light. All she has is her surviving family but when her captor does not even let her have that she may never know if her brothers live or die. The journey to Canada is long and dangerous, even with a few friends available coldness and hatred fill the prisoners hearts.
When her Indian takes her to a Indian french town Kahnawake, Ransom is still fresh and alive in her mind, but as time goes on will that aspect disappear, and really who is the enemy, The french? The Indians? Or your own guilty pleasure?
Mercy is such a wonderful character and she expresses real feelings that you would feel.
Read it, BOStan~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doctor who, I Am a Dalek, by Gareth Roberts

Rating, 4/5

Characters 4/5

Story 4/5

This book is indeed a quick read and is a little on the short side with 104 pages with big print, but that doesn't take anything away from the story. This book is a great start i think for a beginner and for someone just getting into it, it is short and gets to the point. What i really think helps is seeing the right episode, and then when you read the books you can just picture the characters and are already informed with the inside jokes. When you know your Doctor Who then it is funny.

The story is very strong, it begins in the TARDIS and the Doctor is ready to take Rose to the moon. Ready with space suits, anti- gravity practice, a flag, and golf clubs they open there doors with a big surprise/disappointment. They find themselves in England and in the nothing exciting part to add. But when on a dig a huge mystery is uncovered, and i mean it literally. The Dalek is the most dangerous threat to curse the Innocent, and it is ready to inflict pain to the harmless. Can the Doctor save man kind with out giving up?

This book may be a day read but it is very entertaining,


Airing March 29- April 26, 2009 on PBS, 9 (Check Local Listings)

LITTLE DORRIT~ "Seize your Chance of happiness"

With actors Claire Foy, Tom Courtenay, Matthew Macfadyen, Freema Agyman, and more.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Room With a View, By E.M Forster

Rating, 4/5
Story, Wonderful
Characters, 4/5
This book was surpassing my expectations and i am very happy with it. It is definitely a keeper. The story is fantastic and the characters wonderful. It is not so comical as some of Jane Austen books nor mysterious as Charles Dickens, but it is like life in general. The detail of Italy makes you feel like your really there and the description of England has you actual feel and smell its country.
The story is taken place fresh in Italy, Florence. It is written in the third person and their are many suspects that may be telling the story, but i don't think we will ever know. We follow the life of the very young and talented but a little distracted and unaffected Lucy Honeychurch. She is on a tour with her not very affectionate cousin, the much older Miss. Charlotte Bartlett. Things go wrong and it leaves Lucy feeling disappointed. During her stay she wittiness a murder and some other unexpected passions.
The rest of the book is back in England and back to real daily life, she is now ready for a new start. But will she let herself endure a new person that is now herself or will she take control?
This book has both murder and romance, duty and passion, and the fight for what is right for yourself.
Check it out, Bostan~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

12 things i like!!!!

(Not all in order)

1. Mail, i love getting things in the mail. It always brightens up my day, and i am just glad i don't have to pay bills yet.

2. Reading, it relaxes me (I love a library, home or public.)

3. Writing, there is a new world every time you day dream. I love acting so i put my writing with acting.

4. Soda, I love my Coke!

5. An adventure, I can't live with out fresh air. (out doors or traveling)

6. Animals, I love my dogs and love the playful nature of something that is suppose to be an animal.

7. Photography, If i go anywhere i have to have my camera or I'll be lost.

8. Movies, Common' i love a good story!

9. Music! Songs are just so amazing. (The good ones anyway)

10. Shopping. I love fashion, it is another way of expression.

11.Art, in all forms. Perfection is in the faults.

12. My family!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PARADISE, Joan Elizabeth Goodman

Rating, 5/5
Characters, 5/5
Story, 5/5
This book was exciting, inspirational, and sad, all of which books should give off a sense of. Based on a true story of survival.
When Marguerite is taken from her dear homeland of France, and from her dark home, she, her dearest maid Damienne, and her dear stowaway love Pierre sail to the new land of Canada. Riches of gold and diamonds await.
But on the way darkness is swept in and rips hope from Marguerite's tight hold. Her murderous uncle strands her and Damienne on the Isle of Demons and leaves Pierre in the ocean with chains that will sink him to the dark ocean grave, when he finds out of his nieces lies and supposedly sins. But surprisingly and truly Pierre is saved by compassion and trust and they begin their new life with the unwelcome guests, The Demons!
This book is filled with hope even when all odds say you should have none. It is very sad and tragic but it is a book binned with love. Marguerite and Damienne are true heroines, and they teach that any women can be strong.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I saw the first part and it was sooo good. Poor little Copperfield.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doctor Who, The Doctor Trap, By Simon Messingham

Rating, 4/5
Characters 4/5
Story 5/5
As usually Doctor Who is full of brilliant mystery's and come on the old Brilliant Doctor. The Doctor is portrayed wonderfully in this book and Donna, wow i could hear her voice through the pages.
It can be a bit confusing for people who aren't watchers of the show but regulars catch up fast.
The story starts up describing the famous Planet 1 and then goes to to a scene of the Doctor and Donna and they had just landed in the frozen wilderness and at once is taken by a mystery and a monster. On the other had we follow the ruler of Planet 1, the almost perfect Sebastiene, he is getting ready for the Doctor Trap and he wants the Doctor dead, bagged, and stuffed. Sebastiene has killed every dangerous endangered species from Zargregs and even to the odd Eternal, but there's the one last dangerous species, the Doctor! Bringing along a fleet of expert hunters its time to play the game. His henchmen are excited because this has never been done nor accomplished and they all want the last Time Lord dead. Maybe they just want to kill another thing, maybe its revenge, or maybe they are just scared, can the doctor escape this latest adventure?
This is my third Doctor who book and i just love them,

Friday, March 13, 2009

Way out of this world.

Doctor who, the new special seems to get closer and closer. I can't wait to see it that is just all i can say.

The special takes us to met another Time lord, who is he???

And guess who's back, but i am guessing that they had a little remodeling done on them. But are they really Cyber men thats what i am wondering.

And after the end of the last specials and the end of season 4 we get to met the next doctor.
Played by Matt Smith.
I am a bit torn, but i am sure that season 5 will be just as brilliant as the last of them were. I am just glad the doctors not a girl like all the rumors.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Library Hold...

About the book that i am waiting for:

Author : Princess Mia Thermopolis (with help from Meg Cabot)

Finn Crais is the resourceful daughter of a miller living in Stephensgate, England, in 1291. When Finns older sister, Mellana, gets pregnant by a troubadour and has no money for a dowry, Finn agrees to carry out Mellana's ridiculous plan to abduct a wealthy man and hold him for ransom, settling on Earl Hugh Fitzstephen, fresh back from the crusades and loaded with gold and jewels. Finn doesn't realize who it is she has captured, and Fitzstephen, owing to a curiosity about Finn and wanting to see where the kidnapping will lead, plays along. As it goes on Finn discovers her sister's plan may not be as simple as she originally thought.

It may be a bit predictable but i am interested all the same.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mermaid Park, By Beth Mayall

Rating, 4/5

Characters, 4/5

Story, 4/5

I just finished this book last night, and i was very happy with it. When i first picked it up i was not totally excited, but then i got really into it. I think Beth Mayall did a great job!

The story starts with Amy and her family (Younger and annoying brat for a sister Mel, loving but totally in her own world Mom, and the worst stepfather in the world Tom) are going to the coast for a little summer vacation. They are staying in the local motel that her aunt runs. After a long summer weekend of harsh fights and hanging out at the pool with a boy named Dylan, she convinces her mom to let her stay all summer. Finally she is free and is trying to find a job on the boardwalk, but getting one at the Mermaid Park far from the board walk. Although her dream job turns out to be picking up trash she is in it for the long run and is determined not to give up and to show them the real Amy. Amy learns to grow and excepts nothings ever going to be perfect, but that she is strong inside to do anything that she sets her mind on. Through a long summer of unforgettable memory's, a love who might or might not be as she expects, a dark and hidden secret uncovered, and friends made slowly but nicely, summer at mermaid park is the best.
Beth Mayall pants a nice picture of a girl, and all of struggles that come with the territory.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BABY FACE, By Norma Fox Mazer

Rating, 4/5 (I just wished it was longer)
Characters, 5/5 (Great description of the people)
Story, 4/5

I was surprised that i liked this book the way i did, i mean i did buy it but i wasn't going to read it until i decided to give it a chance. I am glad i did. The book has a good firm story line, the people's descriptions were very vivid, and her feeling are explained so well. One reason why i like the book is because i can relate to the main character Toni. She is usually the good one in people's eyes, but she doesn't want to be any more. Toni is shy but not with people that she knows, and that is her main problem that she overcomes.

The books story is following the separation of two very different and best friends Toni Chessmore and Julie Jenson. They have never been apart and done everything and anything together. Toni is the shy reserved one who is very close with her parents, but is ignored by her older sister in N.Y.C. Julie is the outspoken, model type who hates her parents and is the one who ignores her younger sister. In the beginning after the girls 14 birthday Julies mom moves the family out to another town and away from Toni.
Toni now is facing the biggest problems of her life, and she has no one, well no one that she can tell Julie about. Is making friends with Julie's big crush a bad idea? After learning the family secret can she ever look at her parents in the same way? And can best friends last forever?

This book has a little romance in it but the thing i like about it is that it doesn't focus on it, rather the growing pains that come with growing up.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cecilia, By Frances Burney

Rating 5/5

Characters 5/5

Story 5/5

This book was so amazing, while i was reading, it was like i was in that world being there when everything happened. Frances Burney has created a story with great characters, a great story, and a great display of life. She wrote great characters that were molded and defined with a profile and stuck with it by their language, past, and how they presented themselves. They all spoke their worth.
The story is about the young, beautiful, and rich heiress Cecilia Beverley. She then sets off with her guardian Mr. Harrel for London, and there finally gets to see her long time friend, Mrs. Harrel. Life in 1800 century London is much different than her old country life. Her dear friend at once has her out in a vast range of society, and to everyone she is known to be a very amiable match for any rich man.
After a long time of feeling that her friend and her husband are very different than she had remembered, Cecilia looks back and decides to accept them and like them this way.
Although after many displays of cruelty, and hypocrisy that fills Mr. Harrel's veins and the extravagance and senselessness of Mrs. Harrel's heart, solitude seems more and more comforting.
This book is big and has a lot to cover, by 10 books and a few volumes. It starts off slow, but that makes it good because you get acquainted with the new characters in the beginning and readies yourself for the many mysterious questions that you then ask yourself. The book is both amusing and mysterious, but most of all Cecilia is a great character. She is generous as you see by her charity, she is cautious by the people that she accepts and likes, she is friendly and expressive when intrigued, guided by duty, and most of all when she loves she loves with all her heart. During the life of the book Cecilia grows slightly but not that she is a whole new character. The story line has a bunch of different limbs of time and fazes that withhold mysteries that all connect and can't do well with out it.
The Main of the story is of Cecilia's position because it is unusual. Her dead uncle the Dean had put his fortune in her position, but with the one duty that is filled with the Pride of family names and brings out the Prejudice of others, she must not ever change her name if she is to have the fortune. So the question is; will she marry the one man who refuses to take her name?
Cecilia is thrown into distress, makes friends and looses some, makes enemy's, goes through gossip and is weighed down with it. Death is never far and losses a few with it, gains wealth, looses it, then regains a fortune. Loves lost and gained, close calls of which death is turned away till another day.
This is a very good book that i suggest to anyone who likes Jane Austen and wants to write like her.