Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yet To Read: The Wedding Of Sarah Jane Smith

Yet To Read: Is about a book that i have not read before but i is on my reading list and i really want to check it out. Most Plot descriptions are from Amazon.
Title: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
By Gareth Roberts and the BBC
Pages: 136
Science Fiction


Sarah Jane is acting very suspiciously. When Luke, Clyde and Rani investigate, with the help of Mr Smith and K-9, they discover something unexpected - Sarah Jane has a boyfriend and she's going to marry him! Of course, in Sarah Jane's life, things are not always as they seem and some very special wedding guests ensure this is one day she will never forget!

Featuring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and David Tennant As the Doctor.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A tsunami warning was issued for New Zealand and other small Pacific islands after a major 8.3 magnitude quake struck in the ocean off American Samoa, U.S. government agencies said on Tuesday.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center , a branch of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, issued a tsunami warning for Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Islands after the quake hit about 120 miles southwest of the remote Pacific island of American Samoa. It struck at a depth of 20.5 miles.

The bulletin estimated a tsunami, if powerful enough to reach Hawaii, would reach the island state approximately 1 p.m. local time (7 p.m. ET). But it was just downgraded to a warning, but advice that no one should be alowed to go into the water at this time.

Open Book, Pride and Prejudice (Still on my computer)

Open Book: Painting a smile with words. To Finnish off the book i found these two last quotes that i really liked both stated by Elizabeth Bennet, but of course written by Jane Austen.

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Chapter: 56
"You may ask questions, which i shall not choose to answer."
Chapter: 58
"Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure."

Quote Finder! :)

Primeval To Return!

I am very excited with the news that Primeval will return. After seeing the last episode of season 3 i was very sad on how it ended but i am so relived that it is going to return.
BBC and UKTV have joined forces to bring back the series. ITV1 was going to axe to series due to budgetary reasons but now things have changed and is said to come back with two new series coming out to a total of 13 episodes. Which is not as much as before but is still something. It is scheduled for 2011 and Adrian Hodges will again oversee the production and the former stars Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee Potts, Ben Miller, and Jason Flemyng are to return.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Look what i made

I love making fake (of course) covers for books. I just started, by being inspired by the blog "Reading Keeps You Sane). You just find a picture of yours or from the computer Maybe from:

And then you edit your picture and type in a fake name and author maybe editing somewhere like this:

One of the favorites that i have made is this

I made it a little different by creating the border across for the tittle and a space below for the author.

Doctor who 2 Specials

Theirs going to be a Doctor who Special: "The End Of Time" out in Dec. 2009( The original air date). Very excited for it!! Their is not much yet written about it but the cast supposedly is:


(Episode Credited cast)

David Tennant


The Doctor

Bernard Cribbins


Wilfred Mott

Catherine Tate


Donna Noble

John Simm


The Master

John Barrowman


Captain Jack Harkness

Jacqueline King


Sylvia Noble

And the next special to be is supposedly going to be out in January 2010. and their is really not much written about it. But still excited!


(Episode Credited cast)

David Tennant


The Doctor

Bernard Cribbins


Wilfred Mott

Catherine Tate


Donna Noble

John Simm


The Master

Billie Piper


Rose Tyler

John Barrowman


Captain Jack Harkness

Elisabeth Sladen


Sarah Jane Smith

Camille Coduri


Jackie Tyler

Tommy Knight


Luke Smith (as Thomas Knight)

Jacqueline King


Sylvia Noble

The cast sound extreamly exciteing, a lot of returners.

Open Book: Pride and Prejudice( from my own Computer)

Open Book: Painting a smile with words and works. Books the cure for loneliness.
I loved this quote as it caught my eye, it is very true and i find that we do as it says.

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Chapters due to change of pages: 55
"We all love to instruct, though we can teach only what is not worth knowing."

Quote finder~

Doctor who: How Excited i am

I can't wait to see the Doctor Join Sarah Jane Smith again in Sarah Jane Smith Adventures. It will be a fair split of talent for the Doctor and Sarah, and as it will be Sarah is getting married. That was a surprise and i really can't wait to see it!

And older news the dates coming up for Doctor Who: Waters of Mars. Can't wait to catch it, will definitely be looking out for it!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Here are the Poll Results to My Question:

What older science fiction legends are your favorite?

Star Trek - 1966 -1969 Won with a bright 75% of it self

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Pirates

Well we have this new news about Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I am super excited, though for me is such a let down that they are making one with out Will and Elizabeth. I at least wanted a better ending to number 3, something better i thought would be nice.

But the title is going to be On Stranger Tides and as the picture above says it is going to open in 2011 in the US.
It will mostly be about Jack Sparrow who is still to be played by Johnny Depp.


Driving in town, blasting music!!!!

Some Pictures and Video of What I Saw For Two Weeks

This day i just loved the sky, it was so blue and gorgeous!! A lovely day
The first few days i was loving the rain and then this day was like one of the first days it was sunny and i also enjoyed the day at the beach for a few hours. I used to come here as a kid and it just looked so different i could not believe it.

So good, the best Limeade i have ever tasted!! So good, sour, sweet, and creamy but not. (It just felt creamy in your mouth.)

Going for a walk and the way the sun made it a bit through the clouds was awesome.

And i know every ones seen cows but i just thought these were so cute. My sisters walk passes a cow grazing field.

Another beautiful day at the beach!

Same day..

Book descriptions

Sorry i was just so tired last night that i didn't bother to write what the books were about. But here are the descriptions and i hope they sound interesting.

The Stones of Mourning Creek
Author: Diane Les Becquets
Pages: 306
Young Adults or other
Plot: "Don't Matter that my skin is brown, don't matter that your eyes are green. Like these stones in my hand, I'll be there for you."
When fourteen-year-old Francie befriends Ruthie, a black girl, amidst the rampant prejudice of their small town in 1960s Alabama, she sufferers greatly from the gruesome harassment of her white peers. But Ruthie demonstrates the humanity and love that helps Francie uncover the truth behind her mother's death and deal with her father's neglect and alcoholism.

Author: Lisa Mcmann
Pages: 210
Plot: "Your Dreams Are Not Your Own."
For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old. Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the naughty dreams. Janie's seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime. She can't tell anybody about what she does- they'd never believe her, or worse, they'll think she's a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control.
Than she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche. She is a participant. . . . . . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Books

One of my favorite parts of my vaca, new Books!!! Love them and can't wait to read them soon. I really hope i can read them soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


UP, i saw it in the cinema and personally i thought it was very cute. The animation was very good and very kiddy for kids and very cute for teens and adults. I saw it with my nephew and he liked it also, sometimes shouting in the cinema and laughing with the other people. It is though a little sad for a children's movie but it was also lighthearted in other aspects. I would see it again.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Performance's

Well i saw some very good, cool, and interesting performance's. Beyonce's song was very very good. Her dancing and her back up dancers were all very entertaining. The Michal Jackson tribute was also cool. The way the dancers completely followed his dances and Janet's song was very good. Pink's whole performance was one of my favorite. It was creative and amazing to watch and listen to. Taylor Swift's song at the station live in New York was cool and the whole thing made me think of broad way in NY. Oh and Lady GaGa's Performance was interestingly cool. It was different and the set was very cool i thought, though she did switch up her song in the live performance. It doesn't normally sound like that. And i got to talk about her outfits or at least two. Wow that is a good costume for some one! Wow! they are all pretty strange, but i did get a good laugh out of them. Wowwww!!!

A very fun show!

Just look at them!


Russell Brand Did a fantastic job hosting this year. Last year boy i thought he was bloody fired, but he really tried turned it around and was still his funny self and still cautious about what he said. Also to keep the show on a positive note when stuff that was poorly done was broad casted for everyone to see. I really did like this years show, it was vastly entertaining!

MTV: 2009 VMA's

Wow, Oh my God!!! This year was yet another interesting VMA's. I just can't believe Kanye West would do such a thing. Well i guess he would but i didn't actually think he would do it to Taylor Swift. I love her and she i think handled it so well, but that is such a jurkish move he made. So bad! Very bad! And to say Beyonce should of won in front of a live audience is just not the thing to do. He could think it but he didn't need to say it. Though i really wanted to cry when Beyonce called her up and let her Finnish her acceptance speech. A good ending to the night, though no one will forget what he did. I am very Anti Kanye West right now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Date!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

History will remember this! The Day of 9/09/09. How amazing is this!! All nines and this will not happen again for a long while and will not happen in our life time. Next i am on the look out for 10/10/10. That will also be cool. Well that is practically all i wanted to comment on and i will say good bye for right now.

Bostan!!! 9/09/09

OPEN Boooook!!! P and P

Open Book from another house and computer. Painting a smile with words, as simple as that. I liked this quote, it was simple and witty too also funny. It caught my attention. I just love this book!

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Chapter since pages are up to the book: 24

"Next to being married, a girl likes to be crossed in love a little now and then. It is something to think of, and gives her a sort of distraction amongst her companions."

The Finder~ All serious

Monday, September 7, 2009


I have to give my thanks to Laura's Reviews for awarding me the Literary Blogger Award for energizing & inspiring reading. Thank you and i am very happy to be given an award from a blog that i really enjoy reading myself.

So thank you very much again,
Personally BOstan

Open Book From another computer: Pride and Prejudice

Open book Painting a smile with words as big as the truth itself.
I love Love this quote, i really don't know why but i love using it as much as i can. It is short but it must be good because in all of the Pride and Prejudice movies i have seen i have heard it in it.

Title: Pride and prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
Chapter (because of the different size of the book and pages): 11

"My good opinion once lost is lost forever."

Your Quote finder


It is so nice to be on vacation!! Or at least take a little while off from reality. I think just this little time of freeness is good for all the pressure. That's why i have to take a vac every few months or I'll blow up. It doesn't need to be a long or expensive getaway but just even a little alone time.
Well i bring this up because i might be a little slow on my posting but when i come back to reality i hope to catch up on all that i missed.

Sincerely BOstan~

Friday, September 4, 2009

Open Book: Pride and Prejudice

Open Book: Painting a smile with words as bright as a field of yellow flowers. I think one of the persuasions to read Pride and Prejudice or any book of Austen's is to read the quotes and conversation. Their are just so many quotes that i can pick from this book.

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Jane Austen
"Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us."
"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps form admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment. I knew you you would be wishing me joy."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New New Book!

I got a new Book!! I am so happy and i can't wait to read it.

Title: The Musician's Daughter
Author: Susanne Dunlap
Historical Fiction/Young adult
Pages: 322
Plot: Amid the glamour on the Prince Nicholas Esterhazy's court in eighteenth century Vienna, murder is afoot. Or so fifteen year old Theresa is convinced when her musician father is discovered dead on Christmas Eve, his valuable violin missing and the only clue to his death a mysterious gold pendant found around his neck. Her father's mentor, the acclaimed composer Franz Joseph Haydn, takes pity on Theresa and makes her his copyist, giving her an income so her family will not go hungry.
Determined to solve the mystery of her father's death, Theresa is stunned to learn her about the secret life he led along with a trail of blackmail and extortion that extends from the splendor of the imperial halls to the shadowy tents of a Gypsy camp. Yet its the stirrings of love for a man she only thought she knew that might prove the most astonishing discovery of all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Books i Have Read Yet this Year (2009)

I thought it would be right to name the books that i have reviewed this year, and make it my aim to read as much as i can by the time the year is out. I have been wanting to write this list for a while now and finally i can do it. There are so many books that i want to read and just so little time. Am i the only one that feels like that?

Well here they are;

  1. To Catch a Pirate, Jade Parker
  2. Mansfield Park, Jane Austen
  3. Doctor Who: The Art of Destruction, Stephen Cole
  4. North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell
  5. Alex Rider: Skeleton Key, Anthony Horowitz
  6. Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen
  7. Alex Rider: Eagle Strike, Anthony Horowitz
  8. Alex Rider: Scorpia, Anthony Horowitz
  9. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
  10. Miss. Marjoribanks, Margaret Oliphant
  11. Cecilia, Fanny Burney
  12. Baby Face, Norma Fox Mazer
  13. Mermaid Park, Beth Mayall
  14. Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap, Simon Messingham
  15. Paradise, Joan Elizabeth Goodman
  16. A Room with a view, E.M Forster
  17. Doctor Who: I am a Dalek, Gareth Roberts
  18. The ransom of Mercy Carter, Caroline B. Cooney
  19. False Colours, Georgette Heyer
  20. Doctor Who: Sting of the Zygons, Stephen Cole
  21. The Greek who stole Christmas, Anthony Horowitz
  22. Doctor Who: Snowglobe 7, Mike Tucker
  23. Doctor Who: The Last Dodo, Jacqueline Rayner
  24. Bloody Jack, L.A Meyer
  25. Primeval: Extinction Event, Dan Abnett
  26. Doctor Who: Wetworld, Mark Michalowski
  27. Uglies, Scott Westerfeld
  28. Doctor Who: The stone Rose, Jacqueline Rayner
  29. Peter Pan, J.M Barrie
  30. Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos, Gary Russell
  31. Aurelia, Anne Osterlund
  32. Robin Hood, Edith Heal
  33. The Ramsay Scallop, Francess Temple
  34. Once Upon A Marigold, Jean Ferris
  35. Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier
  36. Prada and Prejudice, Mandy Hubbard

(Currently reading Emma by Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen)

Yet To Read: Doctor Who: The Krillitane Storm

This is what i am looking forward to read this week, here it is.

Title: Doctor Who; The Krilliane Storm
Author: Christopher Cooper
Pages: 256
Science Fiction

Plot: When the TARDIS materializes in medieval Worcester, the Doctor finds the city seemingly deserted. He soon discovers its population are living in a state of terror, afraid to leave their homes after dark, for fear of meeting their doom at the hands of the legendary Devil's Huntsman. And, after a terrifying encounter with a deadly Krillitane, the Doctor realizes the city has good reason to be scared!