Monday, February 8, 2010

Open Book: Maximum

The Open Book: Painting a smile with many many words! This time i am so surprised that i found so many quotes in this book. Usually action syfy books don't have any quotes at all but i loved how Patterson fit it in. (even if he didn't do it intentionally) I really enjoyed them.

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Author: James Patterson
Page: 71
"It's in m nature to fight for the underdog. Jeb had always told me it was my fatal flaw."

Page: 142
"life itself is a test. It's all a test. Sometimes you just have to get through it, and then later on everything makes more sense."

Page: 161
"Honesty is always good, except when its better to lie."


This Weeks Masterpiece

Well now that Emma is done this week for Masterpiece is Northanger abbey again by Jane Austen. Played on PBS Masterpiece either on Saturday 13 or Sunday 14 (check your local listings for exact day and time) and it will not be broken up into parts but played as a whole movie. (No Adverts!!!) Hosted By Laura Linney. Don't Miss it!!!


Emma Emma Emma

Wow i can not believe that the mini series is done and over, it feels like it has been to fast. I personally really enjoyed it, always love watching new movies. And i really thought it was incredibly done. Everything looked fantastic and well thought of, real colours came out and true feeling were light again. All is good in highburry. Well as i always say this, i hope those who watched enjoyed it and until next weeks which is now this weeks.
The confusing BOstan~