Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PARADISE, Joan Elizabeth Goodman

Rating, 5/5
Characters, 5/5
Story, 5/5
This book was exciting, inspirational, and sad, all of which books should give off a sense of. Based on a true story of survival.
When Marguerite is taken from her dear homeland of France, and from her dark home, she, her dearest maid Damienne, and her dear stowaway love Pierre sail to the new land of Canada. Riches of gold and diamonds await.
But on the way darkness is swept in and rips hope from Marguerite's tight hold. Her murderous uncle strands her and Damienne on the Isle of Demons and leaves Pierre in the ocean with chains that will sink him to the dark ocean grave, when he finds out of his nieces lies and supposedly sins. But surprisingly and truly Pierre is saved by compassion and trust and they begin their new life with the unwelcome guests, The Demons!
This book is filled with hope even when all odds say you should have none. It is very sad and tragic but it is a book binned with love. Marguerite and Damienne are true heroines, and they teach that any women can be strong.

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