Thursday, March 5, 2009

BABY FACE, By Norma Fox Mazer

Rating, 4/5 (I just wished it was longer)
Characters, 5/5 (Great description of the people)
Story, 4/5

I was surprised that i liked this book the way i did, i mean i did buy it but i wasn't going to read it until i decided to give it a chance. I am glad i did. The book has a good firm story line, the people's descriptions were very vivid, and her feeling are explained so well. One reason why i like the book is because i can relate to the main character Toni. She is usually the good one in people's eyes, but she doesn't want to be any more. Toni is shy but not with people that she knows, and that is her main problem that she overcomes.

The books story is following the separation of two very different and best friends Toni Chessmore and Julie Jenson. They have never been apart and done everything and anything together. Toni is the shy reserved one who is very close with her parents, but is ignored by her older sister in N.Y.C. Julie is the outspoken, model type who hates her parents and is the one who ignores her younger sister. In the beginning after the girls 14 birthday Julies mom moves the family out to another town and away from Toni.
Toni now is facing the biggest problems of her life, and she has no one, well no one that she can tell Julie about. Is making friends with Julie's big crush a bad idea? After learning the family secret can she ever look at her parents in the same way? And can best friends last forever?

This book has a little romance in it but the thing i like about it is that it doesn't focus on it, rather the growing pains that come with growing up.



  1. Sounds good, I might read it.... Sorry I have not posted in a LONG time. I have been busy, and am REALLY tired.

  2. No problem, its just good to hear from you.


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