Friday, March 13, 2009

Way out of this world.

Doctor who, the new special seems to get closer and closer. I can't wait to see it that is just all i can say.

The special takes us to met another Time lord, who is he???

And guess who's back, but i am guessing that they had a little remodeling done on them. But are they really Cyber men thats what i am wondering.

And after the end of the last specials and the end of season 4 we get to met the next doctor.
Played by Matt Smith.
I am a bit torn, but i am sure that season 5 will be just as brilliant as the last of them were. I am just glad the doctors not a girl like all the rumors.


  1. When and what station is Dr. Who on???

  2. i use to watch it on sci-fi but now it doesn't come on. I am not sure, but if that changes i tell ya.


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