Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cecilia, By Frances Burney

Rating 5/5

Characters 5/5

Story 5/5

This book was so amazing, while i was reading, it was like i was in that world being there when everything happened. Frances Burney has created a story with great characters, a great story, and a great display of life. She wrote great characters that were molded and defined with a profile and stuck with it by their language, past, and how they presented themselves. They all spoke their worth.
The story is about the young, beautiful, and rich heiress Cecilia Beverley. She then sets off with her guardian Mr. Harrel for London, and there finally gets to see her long time friend, Mrs. Harrel. Life in 1800 century London is much different than her old country life. Her dear friend at once has her out in a vast range of society, and to everyone she is known to be a very amiable match for any rich man.
After a long time of feeling that her friend and her husband are very different than she had remembered, Cecilia looks back and decides to accept them and like them this way.
Although after many displays of cruelty, and hypocrisy that fills Mr. Harrel's veins and the extravagance and senselessness of Mrs. Harrel's heart, solitude seems more and more comforting.
This book is big and has a lot to cover, by 10 books and a few volumes. It starts off slow, but that makes it good because you get acquainted with the new characters in the beginning and readies yourself for the many mysterious questions that you then ask yourself. The book is both amusing and mysterious, but most of all Cecilia is a great character. She is generous as you see by her charity, she is cautious by the people that she accepts and likes, she is friendly and expressive when intrigued, guided by duty, and most of all when she loves she loves with all her heart. During the life of the book Cecilia grows slightly but not that she is a whole new character. The story line has a bunch of different limbs of time and fazes that withhold mysteries that all connect and can't do well with out it.
The Main of the story is of Cecilia's position because it is unusual. Her dead uncle the Dean had put his fortune in her position, but with the one duty that is filled with the Pride of family names and brings out the Prejudice of others, she must not ever change her name if she is to have the fortune. So the question is; will she marry the one man who refuses to take her name?
Cecilia is thrown into distress, makes friends and looses some, makes enemy's, goes through gossip and is weighed down with it. Death is never far and losses a few with it, gains wealth, looses it, then regains a fortune. Loves lost and gained, close calls of which death is turned away till another day.
This is a very good book that i suggest to anyone who likes Jane Austen and wants to write like her.


  1. Ohhhhh..... I WANT to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you say long, do you mean, like 500 pages long, or like LONG, like 1000 pages?

  2. i mean exactly 941 pages, above 500 and just below 1000. But this book formed jane austen's name for her book Pride and Prejudice. I just thought i'd point it out.
    I really liked it, and it took me a while to get through it. :)

  3. I might read it, thanks for the info. I just orderd the book for our book club from the library so, it might still be a few weeks, sorry.


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