Monday, December 29, 2008

These are My Reviews

I am starting questionably late and i think this change will be more of a fun thing.

I love reading so much, and finally i have found a place where if you want to listen or not i have freedom to express myself. And it is good for my readers because they have a choice, to read on with great joy and encouragement for reading that book you have been pondering over for years, or you could find it not in the least encouraging. I should tell you i don't love tragic endings, and that might affect my choices in books, but there are always is that book which pounces on you and shockingly reveals it is not only ending with a death but begins with one.
Should you know i might breach out into reviewing movies also, we'll have to wait and see. So forgive me, but by your help i might be able to extend myself to the best.
Thank you

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