Sunday, December 14, 2008

Starters: 2008 Dec.14 Sunday

Its nice to meet all of you. This is my first blog. I pretty much started to catch up with a friend.
Well i shall go explore.


  1. Hey Asia? I dearly hope this is your blog! If not oh well. I just posted a new post, so come see if you want. Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. Hi Lain, yep this my humble blog,If you do come back here then i did get your new post.

  3. Good I am glad you got it! Today was our last book study. It was sad! We had it in the morning because it was Christmas and everyone had off. It was nice and like an ultimate goody night. I will miss it. Did you send a lettter to reply to the one you got from me? So how are you? I hope to hear from you soon and I will try to keep up with my blogg.
    Your faithful,
    p.s. you could use your blogg for a photo galery or a book review site like a certain some one is ;)

  4. Hey Lain,
    Its only 10:00 Am here, but i'm still finishing up the goodys from the book study.
    We had a paper read to us after, it was so funny. It went on telling of the book studys, on how their famous for hot summer nights and cold winters, nights when everyone wanted to comment and no one did, days when hardly anyone showed up and days when all to much did, babys crying, people with runny noises (I can agree to that) and unbarable coughs,and it was funny because we could all relate. So that was fun.
    Oh yes! I did send a letter to reply to yours. It should be coming with the christmas gifts being sent all over the world. Its a busy time to send stuff. I'm doing good. I think i am all better from my cold. Thank goodness i didn't get the flu. I cant take the flu shot because it might make me more sick. My doctor advised it.
    That would be fun to use my blog for a photo galery or book review site, if you wouldn't mind. I don't want to take your idea.
    But it is a cool idea. :)
    Well write Later,
    Faithfuly yours,

  5. Hey lain,
    which blog do you want to use as a main sorce of feed back? Mine or yours? Just so we don't get confuced.
    I just got back from meeting.
    So who is Clairbird?
    Does Clairbird, still use your adress?
    Well tell me if you got this.
    :) Bostan

  6. Your blog looks great.

    Our company has been representing authors for the past twenty years.

    We would love to add you to our database to receive press releases from them regarding books applicable to the genres you review.

    Thank you in advance,

    Ken Eason
    Bostick Communications


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