Monday, December 29, 2008

The Falcon's Malteser: The Diamond Brothers Mystery

By, Anthony Horowitz

Review Written by, Bostan Natsuko

The Falcon's Malteser starts off with Nick Simple explaining his situation. His parents moved to Australia. Nick snuck away from his parents who were on the plane, they left him safely on the ground of the London Heathrow airport, while on their way to Sidney. Now, Nick (13) is living with his older brother Tim Diamond. (rather Herbert Timothy Simple)

His brother was kicked off the police squad for incompetence and now he is trying, but failing at being a private detective.

Regretting ever staying, Nick is thinking that it is time to pack up and ship himself down under, but then on the same day of a horrible one, a dwarf or the vertically challenged, Johnny Naples accidentally runs into Tim's office/living room.

Then he offers Tim a job, intrusting him with a box and a secret worth over three million pounds. For the job, Tim is paid half in advance. The two brothers start turning their life around with actual food, and clothes. But then again nothing is without conscience, when they are accused of the murder of Mr. Johnny Naples, the vertically challenged and run into old and very angry friends of Tim, Nick understands now that they are already tangled in this mess and something really smells and it's not their house. There are many laughs in this book, and a running adventure that leeps out of the black and white pages .

This book is the first of the series, and like the rest, it is full of action, from the first scene to the last. It kept me guessing and I am still shocked. Nick is no doubt the smarter one of the two brothers, but still even though Tim keeps messing up, he makes a desperate situation funny for many of the readers.



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