Monday, December 29, 2008

Public Enemy Number Two, The Diamond Brothers Mystery

This book is my favorite so far, out of the first three books that i have read.

When Nick is thrown into prison for minors, things just don't make sense.

He didn't do it and yet again inspector Snape and Boyle are making it very hard for him to even try to live a normal teenage life. Nick's thrown into the same cell as public enemy 1, Johnny Powers. And that's when Inspector Snape makes him an ultimatum, make friends with Johnny and he'll take him out of prison and erase all charges, or spend the rest of his prison time.

His way out is to make the life changing deal, step one, find out who this Fence is. But is becoming Public enemy 2 worth it? Worth Killing yourself?

After many nights in prison, he has to act fast and it's not easy, Johnny is like a walking time bomb, one false move and he's done for.

But, Johnny is normal compared to his mum, Ma Power's must be the most out there parent in the world. Her son might be a bomb, but she's a whole truck load of bombs.

I read this book first, but i would suggest reading the first book to start with,

The Falcon's Malteser.

Public Enemy Number 2, is a must read, so many things create this book, things i thought wouldn't happen, occured. It is rapid and fast past, but characters are easily made out.

Anthony Horowitz, has this talent, this book is a keeper.

Read it i dare you,

Sign your hopeful, not always pleased, critic

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