Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Open Book: Bright Side -

Open Book: Painting a smile and if i'm lucky enough a hint of a laugh at the corners of your mouth. I really liked these qoutes i have collected throughout the week. Thought they were a laugh and either true or could be true for some people.

Title: On the Bright side, i'm now the girlfriend of a sex god
Author: Louise Rennison
Page: 86
"Boy's are different from girls. Girls like to be cozy all the time but boys don't. First of all they like to get all close to you like a coiled-up rubber band, but after a while they get fed up with being too coiled and need to stretch away to their full stretchiness. Then, after a bit of on -their-own stretchy, they ping back to be close to you."

Page: 127
"Thinking about the difference between girls and boys. For instance, when girls walk home we put on lippy and makeup. We chat. Sometimes we pretend to be hunchbacks. But that is it. Perfectly normal behavior. When the Foxwood boys come out they hit each other, trip one another up, and stuff leaves or caps down each others trousers."

Pages: 205
"Am i really horrible? Perhaps i am one of those people who don't really feel things properly, like Madona."

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