Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On the Bright side, I'm now the girlfriend of a sex god

Title: (US) On the Bright side, I'm now the girlfriend of a sex god (UK) It's OK, I'm wearing really big knickers
Author: Louise Rennison
Pages: 233
My Copy: Harper Collins Publishers (cover art 2006)
Following book: Knocked out by my nunga-nungas

Basic Rating: 4/5

Characters: 3/5 (great characters)

Plot: 4/5

Setting: 3/5

Cover: 3/5 and a half

Worth it? either paper or hardcover

My Recommendation: For readers who are looking for a good laugh and a sense of humor, a fabby story and something really easy to get into.

My Thoughts: I'm so happy with this book and the whole series. Again i loved Georgia and her way of describing her life. Louise Rennison really has a very goofy sense of humor and a special way that she See's things through Georgia. This book is just a really nice story to read and it will make you laugh. It's good to read if your looking for something like that. I think we can all relate to Georgia, in the largest way or even just a small way. She's goofy and at the same time lovable. For girls, she's the typical teenage girl - in a none typical way. Her mum always cracks me up, how she's just so disconnected from her daughter, but we all know she loves her. And her sister Libby is Hillary! - she has some little girl problems that are normal. So i thought this follow up was perfect for "Angus-" and I'm just so happy how the story is progressing and i can't wait to read more of the books in this series.

Plot: Georgia Nicolson is dating the Sex God so life should be perfect . . . . . . except in Georgia's life, nothing is ever Perfect. Her cat, Angus, is terrorizing the neighborhood. Her sister, Libby (who is slightly Mad), hides her pooey knickers at the bottom of Georgia's bed. Then the Sex God breaks it off because she's too young. It's time for Georgia to become a heartless boy magnet.


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