Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angus, Thongs and Full- frontal snogging

Title: Angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging
Author: Louise Rennison
Pages: 234

Basic Rating: 4/5

Characters: 3/5 and a half ( I really liked them!)

Plot: 3/5 and a half

Setting: 3/5

Cover: 3/5

My Copy: Paper Back (Harper Teen Cover art 2006) (The one above)

Following book: "On the bright side, I'm now the girlfriend of a sex god" USA copy

or UK "It's OK, I'm wearing really big knickers"

Worth it? 2/3 or 3/3 ( i would buy hardcover.)

My Recommendation: For people who like a comical genius an for fun light weighty matters. And above all for readers who love YA Comedy.

My Thoughts: This book is such a laugh. It was just real (in more of a comical way) and funny. Their was just girl topic's that real girls think about. It was light with relatable matters. I could relate to somethings and it was so hilarious to see it put into words. Georgia is very amusing and funny. She is a bit selfish and sometimes too vain, but she's a great character. We are all at times selfish and vain so that is relatable. The other characters just fit in perfectly and i like that a lot. It is different than the movie - "Angus thongs and perfect snogging" - but i think it does have to be when you combine two books together. The setting is very ace - i love Eastborne England and i thought that was brilliant. It's a diary and i normally don't go for diary's but i wanted to try this book out and i am really glad i did. It's a great book - lots of snogging, but the great thing about it is that it's clean and great fun. Related a lot to the movie that got me into the book. I can't wait to read the following book.

Plot: Georgia Nicolson's life is far from simple. Her cat, Angus, is the size of a small Labrador. Her three-year-old sister may have peed somewhere in her room. And her best friend, Jas, thinks she looks like an alien just because she accidentally shaved off her eyebrows. Enter the Sex God. This just might turn out to be the most fabbity fab year ever!


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