Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Relief

(Getting ready! lots of water!)

(It was starting to drain, can you see the mud?)

(Getting stonger)

(Here at 11:58 the pull was very strong!)

(THes pictures go by the time of the local news - by 12 it was starting to slow down. but during 11:40 it was pretty rough. Normally this area of coconut island is very calm and the bridge seen in the left side of the picture is suppose to be 10 feet high and at times it was almost drained!)

Here in Hawaii we have a sigh of relief. At 11 am a Tsunami wave was suppose to hit the sides of all the islands, but none came. At around 11:35 -ish their were more signs that the waves were going to hit by the signs of suction in the water and very strong currents but as the hours past and nothing happened it is more safe to say that nothing is going to happen for the present. Although their were a few very insane people swimming and surfing in the waters during the high alarm. All i got to say to that is "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!". In the morning a few alarms went off and evacuation went very well, all coastal areas were vacated and people moved to safely. Exciting for most. As a local area in Hawaii that would take most of the fire during the surge was being more active we all thought that it would happen, but it didn't. In the 60's the town was destroyed by tidal waves generated by a 9. something earthquake in Chile. It is sort of ironic that we should had faced that reoccurring historic event again. I use to hear a few story's from my grandmother of that Tsunami when i was really little. Well Some of the pictures are not great since they are just from the t.v but if you look hard you can see the water being pulled into the sea and how easily it could have been another Tsunami coming. Well Chile is having a lot of aftershocks, i think around 56, and even one of those could be powerful enough to generate another Tsunami. After shocks can last for days and anyone of them can generate another wave or waves. One that could possibly hit, so the islands are not fully clear yet. Also i hear that a lot of other areas were on alert for a possible Tsunami, though all not exactly for sure. I am a little disappointed but also relieved. As i have probably said, mixed feelings. I sort of feel OK to feel disappointed because i have never seen a Tsunami before and was sort of interested in seeing one. And it was not something to dangerous because we had hours of preparation for it and every town close to the shores was evacuated. Like most have said a ghost town. The city in Oahu, Honolulu was bare and it would not have been strange to see tumble weeds rolling around the streets. Well if anything happens and i still have power i will be back and typing away on my old key board,

Thanks BOstan

THat is the other thing for other places on the islands that would not have been hit they probably would have faced electricity loss and possible human waste back up. Not a pretty site. Earlier this morning the stores and gas stations were packed, crazy with busy people trying to be prepared.


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