Saturday, February 27, 2010

New News!!

Its about 10 Pm right now and i just got the news that their where two major earthquakes. One in Chile and the other in Japan. I don't know much but the Chile earthquake was around 8.3 (much more than the earthquake in Haiti) and the Japan one was around 7. I hope it wasn't to much damaging, but i know they are never good. ( A few weeks ago we just has a really really tiny one and it was just alarming because of all the earthquake talk lately, nothing bad happened most people didn't even know their was one, but it was nerve racking none the less.) Well i think for some people right now Chile's earth quake is a bit more alarming because it might generate enough force to create a tsunami around a few islands. It's just a bit scary, a lot of places are due for a horrible event and it just might happen. We'll i still hope nothing comes of it, but if it does i hope people stay safe.
Thanks Bostan~

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