Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wow so much damage, its so sad. My heart again goes out to everyone there, it makes what almost happend here seem so pittiful. Well i hope things get straigtend up and get better, i know they will even if it doesn't feel like it will now. Well i think the death tole is around 214 and rising. Wow and they had a 8.8 earth quake, not as big as their 1960's earthquake which was around 9. something but that still is way up there! I know that before the two biggest topics in the news was first, the earthquake in Chile and then the Tsunami warning in Hawaii. Well just as the pictures from the BBC Web site indicate Chile has taken a lot of damage, but i don't think it is as bad as in Haiti. Their structures in Chile were built different and even though i think it was bad it wasn't as bad as in Haiti. I think the amazing thing that shows a lot of power that an earthquake has with its suddenness is how it can just tear a road and street right in two. So powerful! We all must admit that and thanks for reading,


  1. Earth quakes will be occurring one after another....

  2. Yeah i know!!! They are just so powerful!! Tidal waves are better most of the times, you get more of a warning of your doom before hand. (Not always but a lot of the time)


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