Saturday, February 27, 2010

Open Book: Jacky!

Open Book: Painting a smile with many creative words, Beauty can be simple. Well today during my reading of my A.S Bookclub book i found two really good quotes, the first isn't really my normal poetic or realistic thinking quote, but i still really like it! Though the secound is more of the realistic thinking stuff i like too. Here they are!

Title: Bloody Jack: Curse of the Blue Tattoo (Book 2)
Author: L.A Meyer
Page: 190
Said by: Maudie
"Jacky, never, ever, trust a drunk."

Page: end of 202-203
Said By: Jacky Faber
"We're allowed to do anything in this world until someone says we ain't allowed and that someone can back it up."

(Laughed at them both - BOstan)

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