Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yet To Read: Apollo 23

Yet To Read: Is about a book that i have not read yet but believe me i really want to. It is me sharing what is on my wish list and reading list. This book description is from

Title: Doctor who: Apollo 23

Author: Justin Richards

Pages: 256

Science Fiction

Publishers: BBC Books ( Out on April 22, 2010)

Amazon Price List Price: $11.99

Price: $8.09

Plot:'For a few moments this afternoon, it rained on the moon'. An astronaut in full spacesuit appears out of thin air in a busy shopping centre. Maybe it's a publicity stunt. A photo shows a well-dressed woman in a red coat lying dead at the edge of a crater on the dark side of the moon - beside her beloved dog 'Poochie'. Maybe it's a hoax. But as the Doctor and Amy find out, these are just minor events in a sinister plan to take over every human being on earth. The plot centres on a secret military base on the moon - that's where Amy and the TARDIS are. The Doctor is back on Earth, and without the TARDIS there's no way he can get to the moon to save Amy and defeat the aliens. Or is there? The Doctor discovers one last great secret that could save humanity: Apollo 23.

Why? The book sounds really good and i am interested to see what this new doctor will be like in print.

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