Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lost - Season 6 Episode 6 "Sundown"

OK last night was Lost and the Episode was named "Sundown" (I suppose because the episode sort of was based around the time at sundown where the darkness would be let in.) This episode was good and i very much enjoyed it. It was suspenseful and had a lot of action in it. Some of my questions where answered but not a lot. It wasn't my favorite but like i said i liked it. The flash sideways and most of the story reflected on Sayid. I'm glad it did because for a while all he was doing was being dying, dead, or just pushed to the side. We got to know more of Clair and now i think every one knows that she's completely nuts! I think her being crazy is worse than her being dead. It was exciting to see some of the changes happen, but i was shocked when some of the characters were killed. Some of them didn't have a very long run in the show. (And i must say this: i am being driven crazy (Its not a bad thing it just keeps on happening) when Jin goes somewhere he ends up missing Sun. It always seems to happen. When are they just going to see each other again, its been years!) Well i am looking forward to next weeks episode!


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