Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Pictures and Video of What I Saw For Two Weeks

This day i just loved the sky, it was so blue and gorgeous!! A lovely day
The first few days i was loving the rain and then this day was like one of the first days it was sunny and i also enjoyed the day at the beach for a few hours. I used to come here as a kid and it just looked so different i could not believe it.

So good, the best Limeade i have ever tasted!! So good, sour, sweet, and creamy but not. (It just felt creamy in your mouth.)

Going for a walk and the way the sun made it a bit through the clouds was awesome.

And i know every ones seen cows but i just thought these were so cute. My sisters walk passes a cow grazing field.

Another beautiful day at the beach!

Same day..


  1. Very nice pictures!!!! I still think I got the better ones.

  2. We'll you can think that.

    Naw you probley did. :)
    But these are at a different time so Ha.

    Ha ha ha


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