Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Performance's

Well i saw some very good, cool, and interesting performance's. Beyonce's song was very very good. Her dancing and her back up dancers were all very entertaining. The Michal Jackson tribute was also cool. The way the dancers completely followed his dances and Janet's song was very good. Pink's whole performance was one of my favorite. It was creative and amazing to watch and listen to. Taylor Swift's song at the station live in New York was cool and the whole thing made me think of broad way in NY. Oh and Lady GaGa's Performance was interestingly cool. It was different and the set was very cool i thought, though she did switch up her song in the live performance. It doesn't normally sound like that. And i got to talk about her outfits or at least two. Wow that is a good costume for some one! Wow! they are all pretty strange, but i did get a good laugh out of them. Wowwww!!!

A very fun show!

Just look at them!

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