Monday, September 21, 2009

More Pirates

Well we have this new news about Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I am super excited, though for me is such a let down that they are making one with out Will and Elizabeth. I at least wanted a better ending to number 3, something better i thought would be nice.

But the title is going to be On Stranger Tides and as the picture above says it is going to open in 2011 in the US.
It will mostly be about Jack Sparrow who is still to be played by Johnny Depp.


  1. If it still has Johnny Depp, I am there!!!!! heheheheheheehe I just can't help it!!!

  2. I thought you would say that! :) It just won't be the same. But i really want to see it.

  3. It won't, but yet who can refuse Captain Jack Sparrow!


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