Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Northanger Abbey

Young Cathrine Morland is brought into the fashionable life of Bath, when her family friends the wealthy Mr. and Mrs. Allen invite her along to be of company. Once in Bath she is astounded at the delight of society, everything now is new, from the change of the normal daily life with her large destitute family. In society she meets very flirtatious and diverting Isabella, whom she delights in. They share the interest of reading Gothic novels and are both out going and naive girls.

Miss. Cathrine Morland also meets Mr. and Miss. Tilney, who are fantastically the right amount of truth for Cathrine.

Bath brings a large amount of anguish, temptation, diversity, truth, lies, and everything else.

Her brother falls deeply in love with her friend Miss. Isabella, But can it last? Soon Cathrine is tempted to leave Bath to go off with sophisticated Miss. Tilney to her rather large country house. She does go, leaving her favorable friends and she is happy but sad in doing so.

Mr. Tilney is very charming and as earnest as a young man should be, and his sister is as lovely and sweet tempered as a well breed of a high sociable young lady is brought up to be, except truthfully that is herself.

Everything Cathrine has read about dark treachery and illusive magic would point to be true under the certain circumstance she is in, when she find a part of a dark secret at Norhanger Abbey. But can her stay, shine light on this dark secret before it is to late?

Cathrine then must choose what she believes in, from the real world or influential novels of romance and horror.

Cathrine does indeed choose....

She learns that, Horror novels can influence you sometimes over your boundaries if they are read exceedingly too much, and she does find out that through the situations read they may sound exciting and adventurous, but as she goes through them in real life, treachery and anguish are not very happy to look upon but rather to be happy once they are over. This book is very good and not exactly what Jane Austen is known to do. In this book she brings a subject of murder into the story line, of which she mostly has kept away from.

It is a good example of truth and fiction. You can be affected terribly if you do not learn the difference of it and it can change your life drastically if you do not.

I love this book because of its comic look onto things and of the sustenance, of which things are brought into the light. Northanger Abbey is a great light work of Jane Austen's.


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