Monday, January 19, 2009

I have not read this book, but i am going to!

Bloody Jack.

By, L.A Meyer.

This book is a pirate/ not a pirate, book.

This is what i know about the summary and book, Mary Faber (Jacky) takes on a job on a ship the British warship H.M.S Dolphin, after the gang leader and almost brother Roster Charlie is killed.

Before Mary had been left destitute on the streets of the 1800's London, when her parents died. She had no where until she had joined the street gang and that became her home. Then as said before she gets the job by dressing as a boy, and naming herself Jacky. Then she makes new friends, survives natures casualties that leaves her naturally bloody,(Get what i mean? if not read the book with me) and a nick name that lives on and on, "BLOODY JACK"

That came to be because she killed a man to save another. This book sounds very interesting and i can't wait to read it. I do know that this book is followed by 5 more books and then two more to be released soon. The next is "The curse of the blue tattoo."

Well i will review on this.

your dearly adoring fan and critic




  1. Do read this, it's very good! (I had to gush about the series on my blog.) While the first book is not my favorite, it's an excellent first in the series. Even if you have a hard time getting through it, read the others because they just get better and better!

  2. I almost read the second book in the series, but then found out that it was the second book in the series! So I am just about to read it to!! It is kind of funny how we think about reading the same things.


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