Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello Dear Friend Lain,

I just checked my site, i got the few comments from you a while ago, but if that's what you mean, than yha.

I only just watched the second half of "Tess" too. It was Sooooooooo sad. It was a great movie, but could of used another ending, maybe if they got to France or something. Did my Masterpiece schedule help a little or is it just for Hawaii? When did Tess start for you? I am just interested to understand how different the schedules work.

I have been good, You? My life has not been that crazy, more like boring.

I am happy your happy, when are you starting Orchestra?

Yes i have seen "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" but a long time ago, i think i was 7.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? If not You should look up "Tina Fey's Acceptance speech" it is funny.

Your picture is so beautiful :) This picture is just a statue in Cesar's palace, i like to look at statues.
How big is the Hale Farm? Because the way i imagine it now is that it is pretty big. The tree's are so pretty.
We'll i should go and start school, catch up with you later.
Forever yours


  1. It is pritty big, like the size of a small old town. It has a glass blower, a blacksmith, a church, a candel maker, a school, a basket maker, and a bunch of old houses. It is really cool. What did you think of Wuthering Heights? I loved it! It was really good. About my schedual, It comes on on Sunday nights at 8:00. I think that is a good time because nothing is normily on, on Sunday nights. I started orcastra last Tuesday. You will hear more about it in my letter. I belive I am starting another blog that is going to be about my music and what I am playing, and also mabey some pieces I write myself. Well I hope you get this soon.

  2. Hey i just got your comment, i hope you get this. I just saw your new blog, NICE!
    Truthfully i didn't watch Wuthering Heights this time. But maybe i can catch the second half. I just read the plot and it sounded really depressing, really sad and disterbing. But i don't know. Well i'll post something soon. Myolder sister is here, she brought my other older sister's dog (Shorty) here, because she's moving. Well catch up with you soon.



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