Wednesday, January 7, 2009

North and South, By Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South, is a great masterpiece of Elizabeth Gaskell. She is with sturdy standards, and when she puts her mind to it her work can really succeed. Her words are like pictures, although she has some depressing novels, which can make it more sad.

This book is one of my favorite, and after reading the book you should (if you like it) watch the movie. One thing i really like about this book is that each chapter begins with a poem, from ANON to Midsummer night's dream.

North and South is taken place in the mid-19th century England, and is about a Miss. Margaret Hale, the daughter of a preacher. She dearly loves her home in Helstone, but as it comes to be a most disturbing surprise, her father Mr. Hale, forced to uproot his family, in which they move to the smoky industrial town of Milton, as a decision of his conscience. Their circumstance is horrible on arrival, but as their saviour Mr. Hale's friend Mr. Bell provides the Hale's with a house and work for Mr. Hale.

But that does not change the fact that Margaret's mother is not taking very well to their location, Physically and emotionally.

This book is very equipped with the wonders and horrors of life in that time, and the pride that is in every one. Her father is subjected to many tales of gossip, but proves to be strong with the help of his loving and strong daughter. His Job provides little income, but it provides. He is a teacher, privately and locally, although Margaret confesses that many in this town have no wish to be there, and their uneducated pride assures that. Gossip is explicit and rapid but no one cares for anyone but themselves, it is a man's world.

She is introduced to one of the mill owners, Mr. John Thornton, who is one of her fathers star pupil, and he is at once whom she dislikes. Miss. Margaret Hale, has her project in learning the proper etiquette of Milton, and to better teach herself she offers herself as friends of the mill workers.

She can see the difference of her well educated friends and the poor mill workers, who all the same act as very good and the best of friends. And then there is the difference of Margaret and Mr. John Thornton who can't seem to agree on anything, weather it is about the north and south, or strikes in general.

This book can relate even now, reflecting mostly on 3 factors. Religious beliefs, and how conscience motives can press you to direct your morels in different ways. Then the raging abuse of unfeeling navy mutiny, and how the system of the government can prove to be far from the justice which most in government say they have. And the industrial enviorment, how it can change suddenly or deliberately, by men and women.

Margaret finds so much to contrast and debate with, but realizes that even she does not know everything. This book is not with out very sad trials, and in fact it has a very sad and an affect to many readers or views. But as i do note, it concludes happily.

It is a very Brilliant and reflecting novel,


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